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  1. None of what you listed are on ice factors. Ownership looks at the franchise as a business (or close to it) and we finished worse than the Senators. That is unacceptable given very strong showing in the bubble.
  2. I'm not saying our defense is as good as theirs, I'm saying it's built the same way in terms of how the minutes will be spread (especially as Rathbone earns a greater role).
  3. This trade is definitely Benning recognizing that this year has to go well for him on the ice. Last year was unnaceptable and if this year is more of the same, he will lose his job. This is his last chance. The good thing is our team is much better now. OEL is still a very, very good defenseman and we now have 3 play driving LHDs: Hughes - OEL - Rathbone. Each of those guys can be paired with a cheap, complimentary partner like Hamonic and it is a solid defense core. Myers will be with one of them as well. This is the model that Tampa Bay just won the Cup with: Hedman, McDonough -
  4. That's the lineup if Benning acquires Bertuzzi and does literally nothing else, which won't happen. There will be more moves than that to change the roster whether we land Bertuzzi or not. I think it's optimistic to think that both of Beagle and Roussel won't be on the team; we'll likely have to choose one to stay. Between those two, I take Beagle given that we don't have many other strong options for 4C but we have a plethora of wingers. Plus having a right handed center is useful for matchups given that Horvat and Miller are both lefties.
  5. I think the price would start at a 1st+ but the main thing would be finding a GM that isn't scared by his injury. If health becomes a risk then it could deflate the value quite a bit like it seems to be doing with Eichel. I wouldn't move 9th OA for him but I would consider next year's first. I don't think I'd do much more than that if at all though. Bertuzzi - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat Hoglander Roussel - Miller - Podkolzin Motte - Beagle - MacEwan Highmore Ideally another forward could be added do displace Roussel, maybe fr
  6. I am too, much more balanced and it allows more players on the team to play in roles they're suited for.
  7. A fun alternate reality to think about is the one where the Canucks draft Makar instead of Pettersson in the 2017 draft. Benning reportedly had Makar ranked 1st in that draft. If that happened, we'd likely still be looking for a dynamic 1C, but our defense core would be set with two franchise players. Imagine adding Hughes AND Makar, to the same blueline, at the same time. Edler - Makar Hughes - Tanev Each one would have a perfect veteran to be paired with in their rookie year. That top-4 alone would make us an extremely dynamic and deadly team.
  8. Some cap will definitely have to be removed from Roussel, Eriksson, Holtby, etc. through trade or buyout, but management has said that they'll be looking at those options anyway.
  9. Gourde is probably the best 3C available this offseason given Tampa's cap constraints. I would desperately look to bring him in, something like our 2nd + a young player like MacEwan or Focht or something. Throw in Stephens from their end and we just got a brand new 3C and 4C.
  10. He's the coach the organization needed. Our young top prospects were given every opportunity to succeed from jump. Boeser, Pettersson and Hughes (and Hoglander to a lesser extent) would not have the same opportunities and trust in most other organizations stepping in as rookies. Look at the Rangers with Lafreniere and Kakko. I'm fairly certain that both would have had great rookie seasons in Vancouver, but both played low in the lineup right away and weren't given much of a chance with prime minutes early on. Green was willing to trust our youngest players in big situations and the organizatio
  11. Dealing with the media, especially in Canadian markets, brings so many extra mental hurdles for every player. You constantly have to stay on script and the slightest deviation can bring intense ridicule. Even when you don't give them anything to work with you can still end up in the headlines (ex. Hughes getting IVs). I'm a Canucks fan through and through and have been my whole life. When I daydream about life as an NHL player, playing for the Canucks honestly does not seem fun at all. Dealing with this often toxic media and fanbase constantly would drain all the enjoyment of simp
  12. I'd rather see a 1 year deal for Tryamking at around 1M per. He's been good in the KHL and that's great to see, but ultimately it doesn't mean much if he still doesn't commit to coming to North America. If he thought he was ready to make the transition but then decides he'd rather go back, he can do that. If he finds that it goes well then we have an NHL sample size to work with for his next deal. If it's expensive then great, we found a massive top-4 defenseman. The biggest concern is off the ice and that's the reason I would be hesitant to go for a multi year deal. On the ice, t
  13. I see him as our replacement for Gadjovich as a prospect. Three years ago I said that Gadjovich would need 3+ years in the AHL to adjust to the pace of professional play before potentially being an option for NHL deployment. After 3 years Gadjovich is torching the AHL like he did the CHL and looking to compete for an NHL spot next year. Keppen is just starting at the spot that Gadjovich did when he first got to the AHL. The unfortunate part is that Keppen lost a year of hockey due to the pandemic, so he's essentially hitting the starting point of his AHL development at a disadvant
  14. After Podkolzin's draft I have actively avoided subjecting myself to management's pronunciation of anything and everything. I can't help you there I'm afraid
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