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  1. Same. Trading Demko could easily end up being one of those 'Cam Neely' level trades that fans would regret. We've finally got a strong core with this team and it seems like so much of CDC wants to break it up ASAP.
  2. Honestly, I think Detroit is the perfect team for him to go to right now. He's a money goalie and that team could really use one right now.
  3. Demko. I like Marky but he's older and this past season was a contract year so that should be taken into consideration. Demkos clearly going to be an amazing goalie in the future and will allow the team the cap space it needs to improve on D. This is a no brainer.
  4. Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, this team has put themselves on the map in these playoffs. Couldn't be any more proud of the boys.
  5. This team has just enough faults for the Knights to exploit them to their advantage. I can't see this series going past five games. Still proud as hell of what this team has accomplished. .
  6. During Tanevs career he has always been one of the better defensive defensemen in the league. I'd rather see him retire in a Canucks jersey.
  7. I'm happy with a series win of any kind at this point. If they can keep it up, I see this team being regulars in the playoffs.
  8. Centres are the least of our worries. Defense has been and will continue to be the priority.
  9. You know you're not supposed to inhale the chemicals that come out of the compressed air can, right?
  10. Considering Johnny was on Canucks jerseys before they were in the NHL, he's probably not going anywhere.
  11. Nah. The team is just establishing a strong offensive core and it would not make sense to trade a piece of that core away just to get rid of a player who some have deemed a flop signing. Trade him straight up or let him walk after the contract is expired.
  12. AV deserves it IMO. He's done so much to turn that team around in a short time that it should be his to lose.
  13. Pretty sure they took a devastatingly large value loss at one point today on the NYSE. IIRC it was 20 billion.
  14. I'm old enough to remember when it was EnterNexus. I remember when it was renamed to Nexopia and that was a big deal in my school. Good ol' OG Canadian teen social media. I will say I met some really cool people from there and it was basically teen Tinder.
  15. The guy had his hands on just about everything comedic in Hollywood for decades. The Jerk is a highly underrated movie and hands down my favorite movie of all time. So many hilarious scenes.