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  1. The Best Grill in Langley, BC is so good. Family owned, quick service and quick food. Large portions. Try the crispy chicken sandwich.
  2. RIP. He was a little before my time but man was he a good goalie. And considering the little protection goalies had in that era he was fearless to stand in front of those shots. Legend.
  3. And what are those numbers? Quite a bit lower than the unvaccinated hospital rates I bet.
  4. Are you going to take responsibility if you get COVID, pass it to someone who is immunocompromised and then they die from it? Because you would be directly responsible for that death by infecting them and choosing not to be vaccinated. Or how about you end up in hospital and then have permanent damage and you are unable to work due to constant fatigue. Will you then demand the government is responsible to assist you due to your inability to work? Again, that would be due to your choice to not get vaccinated.
  5. I've had lots of luck on Bumble. Met my current GF of 6 months on there. Like another poster above the more serious you take your profile the better luck you will have.
  6. No way I would want Marky at that cap hit and term. Love the guy and what he did for the team but he had to move on. Love Demko and I think he will be a solid #1 eventually. This team lost a lot of locker room leadership in Marky, Tanev and Stech all leaving at once. It will take some time for the team to find its rythmn and gel. Be patient. Not like we can do anything else. Lol.
  7. We heard you the first 20 times. Perhaps take a break on this for a bit??
  8. That trade is certainly trending in the Habs favor early. Anderson is looking like a beast.
  9. Not even surprised. Montreal is hungrier, better prepared and able to execute the plan. Canucks will get there. Maybe not this game, but eventually.
  10. Calm down everyone. This is all Green's plan. Get the PK running and lull the Habs into a false sense of security. Everything is at it should be.
  11. You could have every GOP official say there was no election fraud but Trump's base is so indoctrinated they will still not believe it if Trump refuses to acknowledge he lost and concede to the President Elect. It is insanity.
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