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  1. Yet a couple more tugboats will be able to dislodge it?
  2. I'm no expert but wouldn't it be slightly easier to crane it free from the shore?
  3. I'm kinda glad that I live in the big city... By the time it's my turn in September it will be the 95% Pfizer or Moderna and not J&J/AZ. I personally would prefer the so called rolls royce one if I'm going to travel internationally.
  4. There are several Canadian apps that let you pretty easily convert crypto back to fiat and transfer out now though...
  5. lol I put a tiny bit into the hype at $220. Let's see...
  6. http://news.gov.bc.ca/files/BC_COVID-19_Immunization_Plan.pdf Looks like I'm August-September lol... At least Christmas 2021 should be good!
  7. I'm in CLII now for small beans. Ari make your money printer go brrr pls.
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