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  1. There are fans that wan't Green back. There are fans that don't want him back. Both voice their opinions. What?
  2. It's almost as if there's more than one fan with more than one opinion.
  3. Good. We're on the same page that Jim can't improve this team because he's painted himself into a corner.
  4. It's because he can't spend. He used up all his cap space signing useless overpaid vets on long term contracts.
  5. Myers has the 15th highest salary among RHD, but only top 30 in scoring? Doesn't look so good. I never suggested Barrie, we don't need him. Of course we have cap issues everywhere. Myers is overpaid. If you really want to talk plus minus, sure. He had a very rough start to the season. So did the rest of the team. Look at everyones plus minus. We ONLY had 3 positive players. https://www.nhl.com/canucks/stats/regular-season/skaters/pm Even Myers is -9. This is obviously a team issue. Under a new coach and new system, the numbers will improve across the board.
  6. I would be pumped if Seattle took Myers and that steep contract.
  7. Bedard and Michov aren't draft eligible until 2023. That's a long time to tank. We can't be in a constant state of tank.
  8. Absolutely. We sign Hughes to a bridge deal this year. We continue to develop Rathbone and see exactly what we have in him. Let's give him a full season. He's an exciting prospect. Ideally we would trade a pick to Seattle to take Myers and his contract off our hands, but with the abundance of defenders Seattle has to choose from I highly doubt they'd accept any asset that would be worth it for us. Since we're going to be tight against the cap, I'd target a veteran player such as Kevan Miller. He brings much needed grit to this line up. Hughes Miller Rathbone Myers Juolevi Schmi
  9. Trading Miller right now would be a set back. It would leave a pretty big hole in this team and I don't think it's worth it when we already have a high pick. He's basically been a PPG for us, so we're trading him to get a player that will hopefully if he hits his potential will be a PPG player? Why risk that? Plus he's on a great contract. I think it's key we finish bottom 5 or lower. Worst we could fall is to 7th where we're still in great position to grab good prospect. 1. Power 2. Beniers 3. Edvinsson 4. Hughes 5. Clarke 6. Guenther 7. Eklund 8. Johnson
  10. After Arizona's PR disaster drafting Mitch Miller, I HIGHLY doubt they're going to take a chance on Virtanen regardless of what the outcome of the investigation is. I think #3 is the best for sure. I also agree with your point on Jeff Gorton. This is probably the most important off season move we could make.
  11. Two separate ideas that show your player valuation might need some work.
  12. You made a thread trying to use Rathbone as a sweetner and now you want him to replace Quinn Hughes. Your proposals are so far off value I'm convinced this is just a troll account.
  13. Shea Theodore is a young, number one defenseman on a great deal for the next 4 years. Not only is he having a great season, he'll probably continue this trend and be a Norris candidate very soon. This type of player is the most coveted in the league. There is zero chance Vegas moves him for Miller.
  14. Tanev is the horse we ride until he is physically unable to walk and we have to take him out back of Rogers arena and put him out of his misery with a double barrel shotgun. Until that day though, I'll keep him in.
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