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  1. Except he is. http://www.nhl.com/stats/skaters?reportType=season&seasonFrom=20192020&seasonTo=20192020&gameType=2&position=C&filter=gamesPlayed,gte,1&sort=points,goals,assists&page=0&pageSize=50 Top 5 in scoring previous year at 23 years old.
  2. That's good to hear. Having the Sedins around can only bring good things.
  3. It is true. Rehab isn't guaranteed to work and surgery is a wild card If he elected for the surgery and it didn't work he isn't going to be playing hockey. If the rehab doesn't work he won't be the same player. Too much risk for my blood when I see what the Sabres want.
  4. I believe this move is more to please old man Aquilini. Older brother stepping and making sure there are advisors in place to make sure everything is being run smoothly and on course. I take this as more of a lead for Francesco from the family.
  5. Teams should learn from San Jose and Erik Karlson. Eichel is a top 5 centre in the league if healthy. He's not healthy though and he may never be healthy. That injury could be something that forces him to retire.
  6. The Kings should be all of this. They could pick up him and Giordano and give themselves a good chance to make the playoffs next year.
  7. I would say 2m retained and then Schmidt + Joulevi but I would first be exploring a Seth Jones trade with Schmidt being a key piece if nothing can be done there then package him for OEL as long as salary is retained.
  8. No fricking way. Why would you give up the 9th overall for the same player you could get in free agency. Reinhart is no different than Hopkins. They both will be in the same $$$ range. Just no.
  9. It definitely was not unfair. He was at one point the worst playoff goalies of all-time. I would literally watch their games just to laugh at the pathetic goals he would let in. He cost the penguins cups. He had one solid year where they won the cup and then after they he just cost them cup after cup. He was atrocious. He would be great in the regular season and then literally could not stop a beach ball in the playoffs. It took a lot of sports psychology to finally get him playing at the same level he played at in the regular season in the playoffs. With that said in his final year with Pittsburg he proved he could play in the playoffs and that is when they left him for Vegas but with how Murray was playing letting him go seemed like the smart thing.
  10. Video coach has made some of the worst calls in the league. I think we won one challenge all year.
  11. Lehner was hurt to start the year and Fleury was playing Vezina calibre. He earned the starting position.
  12. If she created a store and used shopify, which is incredibly easy to create an online store with, received the payments through shopify you can see from within your admin settings likely fraudulent transactions and refund the payments. You can also use various 3rd party apps that go a step further and contact the suspicious payments to see if they're fraudulent. I would never just receive a random payment from someone online without it going through some sort of 3rd party like paypal at the very least to be able to see if their paypal address is verified which means you're covered if they try to screw you.
  13. I think what they should do is let them not be cap compliant for injuries, for the playoffs, but the lineup you dress must be cap compliant. Kucherov, Stamkos or their equivalent would need to be scratched to dress a compliant lineup.
  14. You see 10 charges a game in the playoffs and not one is ever called, where players actually leave their feet. Scheifele's doesn't even leave his feet and glides around 5ft before hitting him. He is skating back trying to protect the net and Evans exposes himself to a hit and Scheifele takes the hit. It's a clean hit.
  15. Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with the hit. He's is trying to score on the empty net and exposes himself to do it. It's a solid body check.
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