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  1. It was good from a Marvel movie stand point. The formula was there and it delivered, but there were a lot of little things that others have pointed out that were off putting. Lewboski Thor, for one, as well as the nerfing of Thanos. Also, at the end when Cap went back in time he took Thor's hammer, but it was no where to be seen when he came back... unless I missed something. Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm on team Thanos, and expected him to decimate more Superheroes before his obvious defeat, but I'm fine with how it all played out. It is a Disney movie after all.
  2. As someone who read the books, the first 5 seasons did a great job of adapting the original source, regardless of missing characters or storylines. The main points were portrayed and moved the story along at an excellent pace. Unfortunately Martin let the writers finish the rest and the following seasons speak for themselves. They were enjoyable from a viewers perspective with amazing cinematography and choreography, but very unsatisfying as a fan of the books and first 5 seasons with the sudden drop off in character development and story telling that made the show a success. In the end, this is the finale Martin had envisioned for his pov characters, except for maybe Jon Snow, who in the books is not Aegon Targaryen. In the books, I think his fate will bring him back to the wall, but not as the Queen Slayer he was portrayed as, and the real Aegon will kill Daenerys. I'm content with Bran being king, Sansa ruling the north and Arya going off on more adventures. The show portrayed the Starks as the ones to cheer for and they came out victorious so the fan service is there. I wasn't a fan of Daenerys in the books though, and even less so in the show. You saw her madness building and she died a tragic hero which is fine with me. As the final scene played out, I was disappointed, maybe because of how the finale went or maybe because there would be no more Game of Thrones, but probably a little bit of both. Before every new season I would re watch the show with excitement. But now that I know how it all plays out, I don't think I'll have that same excitement. Is it worth sitting through another 50 hours, just to watch the quailty of it drop off? I think I'll just re read the books, because my watch has definitely ended.
  3. Why would anyone in their right mind be chanting this before the biggest moment in one of these kids lives. Like I said, you can want Karlsson all you want, and chant his name during our pick, but it will make you and anyone else who does it look like an idiot and a douche bag.
  4. You can want Karlsson all you want, but chanting something that has no relevance to the matter at hand would make you look like a complete idiot. What is wrong with our fanbase indeed.
  5. Everyone is talking about Pettersson's offensive output as a main factor in receiving Calder votes, but no one is mentioning his play away from the puck that is equally as impressive. He was also compared to Pavel Datsyuk at certain points during the year because of his defensive awareness and relentless hustle. The Calder is his. The Selke will be his in the future as well.
  6. You don't need to make a thread for every dumbass idea you have. If only there was a section to discuss individual players.
  7. I just unlocked Captain Marvel in Marvel Strike force. What a beauty!
  8. That would be amusing. I think I would rather see Tormund and the Hound. Their opposite demeanors work well together as shown in the last season, plus they both have Brienne in common. This scene cracks me up every time! https://youtu.be/uTR7r_WUDHE
  9. Tywin Lannister would have started the war instead. The details would have changed but everyone's fate would have ultimately been the same. Heads, spikes, walls.
  10. I think Arya and Sansa will survive. Bran will die as a warged Rhaegal, killed by the Night King. Jon will be riding Rhaegal and die fighting the Night King after the dragon has fallen. Daenerys will die giving birth to her and Jon's baby. Jaime will kill Cersei then himself. Tyrion, Arya, and Sansa will escape with the baby, protected by a pack of Dire Wolves and raise the child during the Long Night. They eventually end up in Essos where the baby grows up to become the leader of the people and leads an army back to Westeros to defeat the Night King and reclaim the land. The end.
  11. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/springing-forward-falling-back-the-history-of-time-change-1.755925 The article is old but it's an interesting and informative read. The last paragraph is the only issue I have against DST. The busy holiday season and earlier darkness are a bad combo.
  12. I am happy that Goldobin has been proving me wrong lately. I hope he can keep it up and possibly take his game to another level as we approach the end of the regular season and possibly secure the final wild card spot.
  13. I answered another posters question. Take that stick out of your ass and chill out.
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