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  1. With the amount of community work the Canucks do at the Children’s hospital and the awareness of how important it is to wear masks around vulnerable people, it’s no shock at all to see the Aquilini’s cut ties with the anthem singer. The city is on a two week lockdown and he thinks going to an anti-mask rally is a good option? The entire NHL played in a bubble for months... Then he sings the previous version of the anthem that was gender specific. Good on Francesco for being so decisive!
  2. After signing our free agents, their retro jersey should be a Canucks Orca
  3. Boston Bruins defenseman Steven Kampfer opts out. Gotta be tough for these players. A fringe guy who knows this could affect his career. Chooses to keep his family safe. https://www.boston.com/sports/boston-bruins/2020/07/11/steven-kampfer-bruins-stanley-cup-playoffs
  4. Thanks for writing and posting this. Great idea for an article and really cool to see all the different Canucks jerseys on the goalies!
  5. Is Big Mac considered a roster player at this point? I don’t see him listed as a Black Ace
  6. I read that the NBA is looking into playing out their season at Walt Disney World. Seems like that would be a great location for the backdrop of games (without fans). I started thinking about possible sites for the NHL to play if the season resumes. Instead of playing in an empty stadium, where would you like to see hockey games played? It would be incredible to have games played on a mountaintop glacier or frozen lake (if there are any at this time of year). Lake Louise looks fantastic in the winter and I’m sure the hotels could use the busin
  7. I was always a fan of ( 2x Selke winner ) Mike Peca. I was disappointed to see him go, but I was pretty happy with getting Mogilny in return. But my vote still goes to Rory Fitzpatrick #VoteForRory Solid list though! Pretty fun to look back and see some of those names.
  8. I agree with you in that I hope it is not shown during the actual ‘real time’ of the play. I think it might be interesting to watch replays and see how fast the puck was moving from a Pettersson slap shot or Boeser wrister. Hopefully the league isn’t so excited about their new toy that it is all they talk about. Mild use (like in baseball) could highlight some interesting things.
  9. Looks like Benning was able to get Miller out of Tampa Bay at the perfect time. If the cap went up last year, TB might have held onto Miller. With the cap crunch TB was under, Benning was able to trade for a valuable player who may not have otherwise been available for trade. If the cap goes up, the extra salary will not hurt the Canucks; especially at his cap hit ($5.25) compared to the value he is providing.
  10. I’m not sure why people are saying we should trade Bock Boeser. He is young and is continuing to show improvement/growth in his game. I like Toffoli and what he brings, but Brock is projecting as a better player. Toffoli has broken 50 points once in his NHL career. Brock has started his career at mid fifty points and has a higher ceiling as he learns the game. Toffoli brings a great defensive element and a heavy game which I think will play well on the second line with Bo and Pearson. Let Brock play his game with Miller and Pettersson and we have two top lines in the NHL for y
  11. I think Adam Fox is an interesting comparable, as they were teammates at Harvard last season. Adam Fox is playing for the Rangers this season and is doing very well as an NHL rookie. In his 3rd and final year at Harvard, Fox had 48 points in 33 games and was a plus 23. Fox currently has 31 points in 60 games with the Rangers, while being plus 14. Rathbone is a year younger than Fox, but played an extra year in college prep., so this current year for Rathbone (year 2) is comparable to Fox’s 3rd year at Harvard. The difference being that Fox had 3 years of playing against college
  12. Carson Focht with two goals tonight in a 6-5 overtime win. Woo had the primary assists - Focht Woo
  13. Jett Woo with 3 apples against Kelowna in a 6-5 comeback win. The Hitmen were down 5-1 and came back to win it in overtime. Woo’s assists were all primary including the assist on the OT game winning goal. Two of his assists were helpers on goals by Focht setting up one of the funnest phrases in hockey: Focht-Woo
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