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  1. We're strong on the left side anyways. A top winger (or center winger - draft is deep at C this year) is also a need, so you go at that this year, and hope you can find a RD gem amongst the next rounds or next year....JB and Bracket will find a good player regardless. And should we somehow squeak in, I think it may mean more than many fans realize. These guys making it in, even if they're out in 4 would really help them as a group mentally. After a very tough, up and down season, to still have made it, will reinforce what Green has been teaching them, don't quit, keep working, battle. It will pay dividends down the road when we're ready to actually compete. It will also toughen them up. The game changes, the boys need to learn how they will need to up their intensity, start being physical, deal with more physical play etc. It's nothing like Junior, they need to learn at this level. Whether we pick top 5 or #16 we'll still be fine. And honestly, I would love to see them make it simply for Marky, that guy will have willed us in if we make it. He deserves it after the year he's had.
  2. Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett are just a treat to watch. I'm not even a big basketball fan but I make an effort to watch Duke. No one will stop them
  3. Whatever you say Jordan Jr! Keep it up! One day maybe you can go on tour with him! Dog whistles are obvious i love that you blame a white man’s murdeous rampage on the left - lol
  4. See son this is the white privilege we discussed before 1.brown man kills people - all brown / Muslims are evil 2. White man kills brown people - he’s not a right wing terrorist, we was turned to the dark side by lefties! Really it’s not his fault!! And certainly not all white men are evil! Your bias is sickening and twisted and again proves what I’ve said about your background.
  5. Don’t you get it? Racists are the real victims bro!!
  6. Google translator is a very useful tool I know lol let me know the answer, as I can then respond in about 70-80 of my different languages! Weee! Keep trying Jordan jr! But please carry on your “crusade” for the oppressed white male! especially in a thread that’s about 50 defenseless Muslim minorities who were gunned down by a white male terrorist
  7. You’re not fooling anyone with “us minorities” dude give it a rest
  8. “Majority being suppressed” lol 49 innocent people were slaughtered by a lunatic right wing white terrorist and somehow your focus is on the majority being suppressed by minorities and leftists. lol true colours shining through
  9. Yes other than him saying he’d like to return one day and the fact he still follows the Canucks .,. Smh
  10. No hurt sending him back to the WHL and letting him dominate and get bigger, and have a chance to play in the World Juniors etc. Defense is hard to break into the NHL at such a young age. Some have done it but better to be patient than force it just because we’re weak on the right side.
  11. Best part is going to be when he scores! Wooooo! Lol
  12. Here you go again, ever heard of the crusades? If you think violence at the dawn of time was reserved for one religion, well we know how you think don't we By the way, if you want to talk of human history, the most violence by fact, has come from Christianity. Look it up and include how many wars the UK, US have started and their death tolls. I am sure you'll have baseless non factual opinion to present on that as well. I'll stick to reality though. https://foreignpolicy.com/2016/06/14/if-islam-is-a-religion-of-violence-so-is-christianity/ It is also duly noted, that on a day where 49 innocent muslim human beings were gunned down (and dozens others injured) for simply being muslim and praying, somehow your comments are focused on how Mohammed was a war lord and evil. Congrats to you for showing your true colors son. SMH
  13. All religions are peaceful. All religions talk of some nasty things too. The books of 'God', I am not religous, were written at time when civilization was very different than today. Any book, the Bible, Quran, Torah, can be twisted by those seeking some sort of moral legitimacy to their evil behavior. Personally, not being a religious person myself, I wish religion didn't exist, simply as it has been used over the course of history to divide, breed hatred, and conquer. Not because religion itself is evil, but it is used by evil people as a tool to galvanize support for evil things.
  14. Go read that guy’s tweets. He’s blaming muslims for the attack that killed them . Dude is sickening - twitter has actually deleted some of his posts
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