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  1. The real question is. Would you rather have bear at 2.3 x 3 for bean or 2.5 x 4 for poolman. Mind you Poolman is a bit proven but bean has untab potential
  2. This guy is from Delta. Local kid. One of my coworker is neighbors with him in Delta. Good kid
  3. I m glad i wasnt the only one who got rape by their exgf. This is serious matter!
  4. So far this season Virtanen has scored once and has no assists in 21 games. That works out to 4 goal in a full season. 4 freaking goals !! Forget about 6th overall. Forget even being a hockey player. I can guarantee and promise you 100% if we play this game with 4 players and placed a fire hydrant in front of the opposite net for a full 82 games season. The fire hydrant will get more than 4 goals. If all rumours are true about money. Then i really have to blame Jimmy Benny here as well. Why give him a back dive 2 year contract. He doesnt worth over 3 mill. next year or ever at all. It seems like a stupid move in the summer and its back firing right now as we speak. I woke up to another disappointed morning. My only hope now is i wish he is a healthy scratch tonight and they will finally put the fire hydrant out tonight vs TO. Go Fire Hydrant!!!
  5. Omg. You are right. I just checked. This is getting ridiculous. And the worst part of it is he has no self awareness. He doesn’t realize he is not doing his job properly. He still think he is the king of Abbotsford or new west or wherever be is from. And everything is ok. Someone once said in a interview that the reason he is not improving its simply because he is not trying. I think thats pretty much sum it up. I really dont think he tries at all. He just take things for granted. His attitude is what peed everyone off. According to hockey db. Zack MacEwan only got 1 point too but i am totally fine and cool with it because i know he tries. I wish i can said the same thing about jake for god sake.
  6. To be honest. I dont blame Anaheim here at all.
  7. It would be awesome if both happen today
  8. I don’t know about you guys but does anyone else check all canucks and trade rumor online first thing in the morning to see if we traded this guy yet? I been doing that for the last month and wake up disappointed every single morning. Yes. First world problem i know. I dont understand how he can still have a smile on his face every game. I mean if you r not good at your job and u know u will be out of a job soon. I would be very worry and play my butt off every game. But not this guy. I dont see any urgency in his game at all. Its like he dont care at all.
  9. I think the real question is. If we never pick this Virtanen guy. Would we pick Matthew Tkachuk in the 2016 draft? I still truly believe the Canucks thought they have someone already in Virtanan who can play with an edge. Thats why they choose OJ in 2016. Oh boy were they wrong and it blow up right in their face. Virtanan is nothing close to what they thought he would be. Such a shame. He is worth pretty much close to a bag of pucks at the moment.
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