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  1. Not sure how the word "hate crime" is used nowadays, but I think it's pretty clear this attack was racially motivated. Putting this up as an attack carried out by a person with a disturbing sex addiction is going to end up driving the conversation away from race relations in the states. Call it for what it is ffs.
  2. Cheap, but not expecting much. Could barely produce even when playing alongside Toronto's stacked forward group.
  3. Don't watch cable at all pretty much these days, so I'll be waiting for the podcast version to come out and definitely tune in through Spotify.
  4. Let me re-phrase. It's harder to have upward financial progress. Standards of living are stagnant and starting to slowly worsen. Let's take your guys' two examples - it obviously sounds like your families started from very poor living conditions. What I'm saying is that if you were to be in comparably poor living conditions in today's world, you'd be more hard-pressed to dig yourself out of such a situation. If you were to grow up in a middle class family today, you'd be hard-pressed to progress out of the middle class, or better yet, maintain your middle class lifest
  5. So tempted to start taking positions, but gotta stay patient for the Fed's meeting.
  6. Financially? That would be an astounding yes, unless you grew up in a developing/war torn country.
  7. I'll keep it brief since it probably belongs in the George Floyd thread, but it's because this particular group of white people are confident that cops won't deal with them in an overly aggressive manner. Minorities such as blacks on the other hand...they'll likely fear that such entitlement might come with consequences beyond just a fine.
  8. The fact that this thread exists makes me sad, but this one infuriates me.
  9. Big day tomorrow with the Fed speaking. Wonder if they'll announce more bond market shenanigans...
  10. While I agree, this makes me wonder if we should consider moving our surplus forward prospects for a prospect defenceman or two, especially right-handed ones. I think the only right-handed ones we have right now are Woo and Rafferty? And they're clear projects.
  11. Nope, but luckily the officer was calm. I have a friend who knows him - apparently a pretty nice guy.
  12. Warning: stupid amounts of stupidity to come out of a stupid person's mouth - viewer discretion is advised Full kudos to the officer's professionalism though.
  13. I remember those days when the Canucks were down a goal in a game and you'd feel pretty sure that the Sedins would tie it up.
  14. I'm fine with Benning. Weisbrod is who I have a problem with. We need another cap genius like Laurence Gilman to help with out with managing the cap and player contracts. Benning's draft prowess is too valuable to give up.
  15. Man I get scared whenever McDavid has the puck. This guy's insane - a real life cheat code.
  16. I'm still not pleased that Juolevi isn't getting game time. Like at least alternate games with him and Benn or something - helps with keeping the defence fresh too.
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