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  1. It may actually surpass Goldman Sachs in market cap which would be stupid.
  2. Are they not offering 115M shares though? $300/share is only a 35B Market Cap
  3. Yeah this one is going to be interesting. I haven't heard what price they are listing at, I have seen anywhere from 70b-100b market cap. They are offering 115M shares so we are looking at anywhere between $600-900 per share. I don't think I am going to chase this one. I could see some money being made in the short term, but over the long term what is stopping other brokerages like questrade from offering lower fees? Coinbase charges like 5% fees, an established bank has the ability to offer half of that and still make tons of money.
  4. Documentaries can also be extremely biased because they have to present a narrative. There is a lot of inclusion bias in most documentaries. That said, I do love a good documentary but one has to consider the bias of the creator as well.
  5. There is stupidity on both sides of the isle, but generally I agree. This is basically it. These dumb, but also motivated, people have always been around but there was never a platform. Now these people are not only mislead, misguided or whatever, but they are also extremely motivated to spread their message. Now, combine that with a group of people, who represent a higher portion of the population, who are gullible and/or lack critical thinking skills. This combination feeds what we have in the USA. However, the majority of the populace doesn't fall into this cohort of people. The lou
  6. Rumours that Toyota and Tesla are working on reigniting their previous partnership. It is speculated that Tesla would sell their OS and other tech to Toyota to use in their SUVs. Toyota has been vocal in resisting the EV transition in the past year. Though this is a rumour out of Korea, so take it for what it's worth, which at this point isn't much.
  7. Does anyone have any service recommendations? I like Y charts because it has all the info in one place and isn't 'flashy'. The problem with Ycharts is that it's $200/month. Any other recommendations?
  8. Not really all that true. Aussie's and Kiwi's are a stubborn bunch. It's more to do with prompt decisions made by their governments, smaller populations and both being islands. NZ shut it down early and hard.
  9. The classic Tucker Carlson defense. Funny that at the time the trump supporters were yelling this from the tree tops. Crickets now. I wonder if they feel duped, ashamed, embarrassed, maybe they are even mad at Trump and Co.? Goes to show the intelligence of some of Trump's base. Zero critical thinking skills. It didn't take much to see that the team of lawyers were spewing BS.
  10. Any battery experts in here? This is a Burnaby based lithium battery R&D company. I have mentioned them in here before and they have doubled since. I have sold my original position (bought at $2.60) and am riding profits (sold half around $5.50ish). The company is Nano One Materials (NNO). They are a small cap outfit and are not yet profitable. Here is their investor presentation: https://www.nanoone.ca/site/assets/files/3907/2021_03_11_website_nno.pdf Basically, they own a bunch of patents on the powder coating of Lithium Ion batteries. As they explain it, their te
  11. Owning ARKK I have decent TDOC exposure, PINS as well though they don't take up as much of the ETF as TDOC. May end up getting into ICLN. Any one have any strong opinions on ICLN?
  12. Already in, avg of 28 - sold half at 49 a few weeks ago. Riding profits.
  13. Anyone have any insight into sneaky long term companies on the cheap right now?
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