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  1. If I'm Calgary, I consider trading Marky to COL for a ransom and just starting a rebuild. I would trade Gaudreau while I'm at it.
  2. Isn't this illegal? Can't he be criminally charged for this similarly to insider trading?
  3. IMO Hughes is below Heiskanen and Makar. There is very little argument for why Hughes should be making the same as those two guys. Hughes and his representation probably know this as well. He got exposed this year. Period. He is still a fantastic offensive player that is likely to improve. But he got exposed. Heiskanen is a clear tier above and is signed for 8.5 x 8 years. Right now, that puts Hughes at 7.5-7.75 x 8 years.
  4. I'm relaxed - life is good. I just don't think the agents for EP and QH are "salivating" because the Canucks traded away Schmidt and cleared more cap else where. I don't think it affects their contracts all that much.
  5. Just because cap space is available does not mean they are going to be paid above market value. Quinn knows his cap - below heiskanen; EP knows his as well - below Aho by probably 1M.
  6. The business/investing news cycle may actually flip flop more than politicians. Last week and Monday it was doom and gloom, the crash was coming, the bull run was over. But today on BNN "the market continues the rebound". Personally, the market still seems nervous and on edge.
  7. Well duh. Obviously 5v5 scoring is a better metric lol. 85% of the game is played 5v5. You don't win without goals and you don't score without possession of the puck. No one is saying that faceoffs are more important than those two metrics. Your argument is that faceoffs aren't important to winning games. Yet, 73% of playoff teams are in the top half of the league in faceoff percentage. So success in the faceoff circle appears to correlate with a playoff birth.
  8. I don't know if using Tampa Bay to support your thesis is all that strong of a position. They are the best team in a decade - the counter argument is that they have more than enough strength in all other areas of the game to compensate. Further, the difference between 9th or 6th may be a few tenth's of a percent. Not significant. But we all know how important a defensive zone faceoff is in the closing minutes of a game. We saw it with Manny Malhotra. 11 out of the top 15 faceoff teams (73%) made the playoffs this year. imo that's a pretty strong case that they play a large role in
  9. Of note for me is NYI protecting Matt Martin over Eberle or Nelson and also SJS protecting Dahlen
  10. Zubov is in the HoF, I'd throw him into #1 / stud dman territory. I mean obviously you need more than just a #1 D. You need good overall d corps. But my point is the #1 is essential. You may be right - good catch. So only the 2017 Pens have done it in the last generation lol. They also had 2 future HoF centers in their primes to compensate... and hot dog phil.
  11. The defence by committee approach hasn't won a cup as far as I can recall. Cup winners all have a stud #1.
  12. Personally, I think Schmidt + 9OA should give us more than Lindholm at what is likely to be $6+ million. If it doesn't, then we should keep the 9th OA. We could also just try to sign Lindolm in free agency. Lindholm is barely a 30 pt defenceman, which is nothing to sneeze at obviously, but a top 10 pick is more valuable imo.
  13. LA may be a good fit. They were looking for top 6 forwards.
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