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  1. After Trump has repeatedly tried to harm Canada economically, what are your reasons?
  2. I don't think pointing out falsehoods, and going back 25 years to do so, is the best argument if you are supporting trump. At this point, I think it would be pretty fair to say that Trump has lied more in his 4 years than Biden has in his 47. We've gotten to the point where, every time he steps in front of a microphone, it isn't a matter of if he lied, but how many lies he told. As for the 1995 clip...Given that your world, my world, his world, our world is in a constant state of change, don't you think it's fair for one to have a shift in philosophy? Are all your viewpoints the same today as they were 25 years ago? And frankly, 1995 politics are pretty irrelevant to present day. This is the selling point? James Woods is desperate.
  3. Them and USA are the big 3.. If USA can clean it up it will do wonders for the world. China and India will get there eventually but they are in a different stage in their development.
  4. Trump is serving Biden softballs to blame the republican senate... c'mon man. Edit: Thank you!
  5. It looks like he's talking to volunteers.. "folks seeing your effort out there is going to be inspiring". Sounds like giving a "pre game" speech to volunteers. I don't think it is any indication of the election race. Vegas odds are always the place to go for that.
  6. So the FBI and NSA have announced that they are aware of Iran and Russia actively trying to influence the election
  7. I picked him up in my expansion draft in NHL 19.. he never made the bigs.
  8. Pot calling kettle...While you or I won't be getting those same opportunities, there have been multiple republican led investigations into this and they have all turned up zilch. The republicans are using tired talking points, they even brought up Hillary's emails last week. They spent so much time and effort questioning Biden's cognitive state and got slapped in the face with it now that debates/town halls are happening. It's a little rich having republicans cry foul about ethics. How does Hunter Biden get this job with a Ukrainian company? Probably connections/his dad. Not illegal though, according to the investigations. If there was wrong doing it would have been found, if it is eventually discovered that Hunter committed a crime then he will be prosecuted. But let's not forget who Trump has filled the white house with. Trump's unqualified family members have high level security clearance. Again, not illegal but imo more unprecedented and consequential to national security, potentially. But sure blame "left wing" media outlets for this apparent non story. So much of a non-story in fact, that Fox News, you know the one that went to court and won because they said no one takes their anchors seriously, didn't pick up the story of the laptop. I'm not even going to touch his lap dog Rudy Giuliani. It's not just CNN vs Trump.. Trump has ignored and discredited multiple FBI and CIA directors, many generals and former staffers have spoken out against him. All the negativity isn't only coming from news outlets. These are credible people with decades of public service behind them speaking out. There are even lifetime republicans speaking out against him. If you have beef with democratic vs republican policy, fine. That's a conversation that can be had. But at this point, the narritive of MSM (of which Fox is a part of) is unfair to trump is BS. People are upset how he has belittled veterans, mishandled covid, erroded their inernational relations, takes no responsibility yet wants all the praise, and despite 200k dead he is talking about Hunter Biden?
  9. Yes. Also, I would argue that the US election is much more consequential.
  10. Yeah that comments section is a frightening place. The indoctrination is beyond repair, the lack of IQ is contagious.
  11. One has to think it is a funding issue with being able to accurately administer regular testing and enforce bubbles. I don't see it working though. I think a lot of these kids are going to go to Europe.
  12. Not having to deal with racism in the way that dave chapelle describes in the video below. Being treated differently by police, strangers, store clerks, security, real estate agents, 'black' communities being of lesser value than 'white' communities, schools in black communities getting less funding than schools in white communities.. there are many stories outlining all of these. It's more prevalent in the states but canada is not immune. Dave Chapelle's story is one of many. I don't think there is much doubt about that whites are richer than blacks but the problem is that people usually use that white vs black comparison.. where, in fact, asians are the richest on a per capita bases. In addition to socioeconomic status, I think it has a historical context because whites have populated north america much longer than asians, so the culture and history is more favoured toward whites. The problem with these generalized terms is that everyone has a subjective definition, so the application and interpretation of them is always stretched (white priveledge, systemic racism, climate change etc).
  13. I was rushed to get my mail in ballot out with the Mrs... I voted NDP (my local MLA is good), she voted Green though after reflection I am kind of wishing I went Green as well. The election right now is a bit of a piss off and put government at a stand still.