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  1. Tesla also showing resistance against the red day. Elon is only down 0.3%
  2. Palantir doing well today, almost everything else is red.
  3. Trudeau has certainly had ethical scandals but to compare him and Trump is ridiculous. Different stratospheres. Painting with the broad brush goes both ways. Many of us here have been critical of Trump, which is justified imo. But that does not mean that we all think Biden was the best candidate for the job. Many of us have actually said the opposite, many times.
  4. Time will have to tell, I suppose. It will be interesting to see what can get accomplished with a dem sweep of all branches.
  5. Bit early for that claim, don't you think? Biden would have to be impeached twice, have multiple corruption scandals, make fun of disabled people, lie tens of thousands of times to the american people, incite a riot, and fail in epic fashion in response to a global health crisis. Anything is possible, but I will put Biden being worse in the "extremely unlikely" category. The man does have a tough job ahead of him though. It is quite the mess to clean up, him being almost 80 won't do him any favours.
  6. I've been critical of Boeser, but he looks to have his rookie shot back. If he can score these types of goals this year, the Canucks are in a good spot.
  7. Juolevi was too slow in decision making causing him to get his pocket picked, then he got tripped, then Myers was out of position. Bad play all around.
  8. Agreed. But decades being the key word. Will be interesting either way
  9. Yeah she's starting a space ETF.. I don't know.. Aren't we a bit early for that?