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  1. This is the end. My only friend, the end.
  2. tbh... same. I think an understated role of this forum was that it actually called some of our sports media out on their BS. It added context and grounding for a lot of fans. Some media personalities get outright ridiculous; in those moments, many on CDC would add a more measured assessment.
  3. I just hope we get the 'why'. I'm fine with any reason, just hope we get one.
  4. It's a sad day. CDC closing down becomes official. Thank you to all who ran and moderated the site, past and present. I hope that sometime over the next 2 weeks we get the 'why'. Discuss. Say your piece.
  5. If those changes happen it won't be in the near future and certainly not before EPs extension. I also don't see how they level the playing field when the problem has been league/reffing favouritism and state/provincial taxes. The only thing that would potentially be feasible is to implement a sort of cap relief system based on state/provincial taxes. However, most of the small market teams are the largest benefactors from low state taxes so it's not going to change.
  6. A case could be made for any of the 3 imo. I see the 'Devil's D' argument being used a lot against Brodeur which I don't think is totally fair. Brodeur was certainly a benefactor of playing behind a good defense but let's not pretend Roy didn't experience the same in Colorado. The 2001 team that beat the devils was STACKED. Forwards aside, their d corps had Ray Bourque, Rob Blake and Adam Foote. Brodeur was also unique in the sense that he was actively involved in his teams defensive system and is firmly the best puck handler of all time which lead to the trapezoid. Hasek was certainly the most electric of the 3. Brodeur has an Olympic Gold as well.
  7. Knights and Oilers (if you know who stays healthy) will get in. I say Oilers because McD and Drai will win enough games in regular season. That leaves 1 divisional spot up for grabs. Canucks will compete with Seattle and LA for that I think. I don't see Calgary challenging for it. After that is obviously the two wild cards with STL, Nash, Winnepeg and Minny to compete with.
  8. I voted Virtanen but Messier could be it depending on what you value. HM to Juolevi. Virtanen had NHL quality skills and physical attributes but his attitude and his extra curricular activities/behaviour got in the way, which for me is the most disappointing.
  9. I think a more interesting add would be P Kane mid season (provided his recovery goes well). Obviously the price would have to be right but I could see him signing a 1 year short term deal to 'prove' he is still a good player after his surgery. I see him following the Jagr path of multiple 1 yr deals. Dumba is looking for multiple years and $$. I don't see that being a risk worth taking for us.
  10. It would have been funnier if they made the torch look like a cigarette.
  11. It can work but the regular season games would have to be decreased to accommodate the tournament schedule. Say 70 games or so.
  12. Surprised he cleared. I wonder if there is more going on behind the scenes. One would think he would have made a low risk project for a bottom dwelling team.
  13. The word 'know' implies they have done it. But it's fine, have a good night.
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