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  1. Would love to play a racing game on that with a racing wheel... Damn. Rumours of $200-250 way too high for me, wouldnt use it enough anyways.
  2. This thread needs a lift... Back up to the top! Anyone have any good recipes to cook some chicken breast!? I like putting a little oil in a pan, throwing my chicken in pieces onto the pan and adding a little salt, lemon juice, taking it out and putting some hot sauce on it. Sometimes just soak it in lemon and cook it in the oven. Nothing special, looking for other things to try out!
  3. I heard MGS finishes within 1-3 hours...
  4. It was a scheduled matienence that was announced a few days ago.
  5. Man he is oblivious! Wish his letter was: Dear season ticket holders, It's a process. Sincerely, Mike Gillis
  6. Screwed over Luongo, hope he and Gillis are the next two cut from our organization.
  7. Traded Schneider and Luongo, what a POS Gillis is.

    1. Master Mind

      Master Mind

      MG's way of fixing a goalie controversy: trade both! ....

  9. Will anyone sign in Vancouver? They treat their players like crap, and it's the media will kill you here. Also the pressure of playing here. Gillis has made his odds harder to bring anyone over because he is a POS.
  10. So sick of the ownership and management. Aquilinis need to sell the team and let someone else in charge. Boneheads can't even realize Mike Gillis is a tool and should have been gone years ago.
  11. Just out of curiosity! The WWE needs him ay Wrestlemania. Dont like his look like now. Anyways, wow I didnt know he married Michelle McCool.
  12. Lesnar Taker? Edit: Posted 5 mins ago^ but CDC was slow and lagging but woo. Anybody know how much they pay Undertaker to fight once a year at Wrestlemania?
  13. Winner of this game will win Gold. USA has looked better so far, so Canada must step up to win.
  14. Bob Mackenzie has opinions, Vintage never provides opinions, even if asked, simply copy and paste. He'll post articles, but say nothing about it himself. Anyways was watching the Britain curling match and was stuck staring at her eyes.
  15. Half your posts, err copy and pastes, can go in one post instead of spacing them out in 10 different ones to bump your post count up. Pretty unnecessary spam since you never provide any of your own opinions in anything you post. Anyways back to topic, is curling growing on anyone else? I find myself for some reason tuning in sometimes.
  16. One of the best games I have watched, wow that shoot out. Russia should have won it though, that no goal was brutal.
  17. Damn so unlucky for the Russians, I'd be choked if that was Canada scoring in such a tight game.
  18. Kovalchuk beamed Kesler with a slap shot from the point on the PP. Right on the left hand, in LOT of pain. What a season for the Canucks. Edit: Back in the game now.
  19. On paper there is no reason why Canada shouldn't just wreck Finland, hopefully the Canadians play great.
  20. Anyone that is up, switch to Sportsnet for a minute or so and check out this two man luge. Men laying on top of each other, wonder what Putin and Russia are thinking! But seriously why is this an event.
  21. Man this is the third nasty fall I've seen on this track... Scary stuff, hope she is okay!
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