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  1. How many active users are there I wonder... under 20,000k and the canucks could have us all at the rink and the team do a closed off to CDC only scrimmage during pre season next fall!!!
  2. who are the married couple that met on here...
  3. With 4 months between doses now, is that regardless of which dose you receive I assume? Is the latest vaccine to be approved in Canada only have 62% effectiveness after 1 dose vs 80% for the Pfizer or Moderna?
  4. 0 excuses can be made from the entire organization if they lose tomorrow... they had time to rest AND practice
  5. Decent chance Stalock gets claimed if a team like Buffalo wants an upgrade it makes sense for them to put in a claim
  6. Would be open to acquiring Connolly via trade after he long as we can send someone with term back the other way. 2 more years at 3.5m is still quite a bit in a flat cap so I would also be asking FLA to retain to lower the cap hit. Remember now, Connolly 3.5m cap hit for 2 more years after this season. Toffoli 4.25m cap hit for 3 more years, so acquiring Brett would make Management really not know what they are doing....
  7. CDC complains Canucks schedule is too rigorous...Fast forward to the team having a few days off and pages on here suggest we trade QH, why so we can wait another 50 years for an elite PMD!? Of course QH sucks in his own end and gets pushed off the puck like he is a little boy...that was always to be expected from a player of his size, he still needs to get stronger and yes he will makes lots of mistakes but his offensive creativity is off the charts. Canuck GM needs to go find him a steady RHD after letting Tanev go I suggest someone with some size who plays with an edge. As for trading for a under 25 F...makes 0 sense to me, call up some prospects from Utica let them quarantine on taxi squad or better yet why don't we use the players on the taxi squad!?
  8. Canucks should hire you in some capacity...makes so much sense, what is the point of the taxi squad if you don't spell off a few guys to give them a break all while seeing what these tweener NHL hopefuls can do? Instead we see a young G prospect get 0 game time action...that can't be good for a G to have no live game action for what is it now close to a year?? Among others players also, at least they finally sent Rathbone down so he could get some game action. Coach Green doesn't even give the guys injected into the line up any real meaningful minutes, Jayce got like 5 min or something last night?
  9. Common sense stuff right here...too bad the coaches can't see it that way!
  10. Cause we had nearly 6m in cap space for multiple years to take that chance on right!?
  11. Have I been on hard the Canucks over the years, yes! I am a die hard Canuck fan and will be long after I am dead, told the GF to bury me with my jerseys... To come into a GDT time after time and hear you all whine and bitch like you could back check harder in OT, or you could make that save etc etc is comical!!! None of you are remotely close to NHL caliber hence why we all hide behind a screen! Players are tired, they make mistakes but is it their fault the coach shortens the bench and wears them out knowing what this seasons schedule is like!? Nope, 100% on the coach. It has been obvious this entire season, the coaches can't coach this team anymore...yet they are still here. Benching players for an entire period or giving them 2 shifts is just wrong, they are in the them! Instead, we play the same guys and tire them a shortened season with less time off and more games close together than almost any other season in league history... Time for some changes, it's only Money Francesco...