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  1. Jim Miller with the KO last night...1st one in 10 years, guy just keeps on going and wants to make it to ufc 300 so he can have fought in ufc 100, 200 and 300
  2. long over due in my opinion...just a matter of time before they get to jump the ranks into the NHL. Much like the NFL has already started to do that, one thing I hope for sure is that they get equal pay too!!
  3. Happy we have a local RHD kid in the organization, I would play him the whole season in Abbotsford, get him in a lot of games something he has been unable to do and see where things go. Try him out on the PK etc but not rush the kid, he cleared waivers before we acquired him so he can spend the season in the AHL. The one thing I do wonder about is how the Abby Canucks will deploy him. We have Woo, Juulsen, Bowey as RHD...All of them could be possible future Canucks with the big club, I liked Bowey in Pre season and Woo is our youngest RHD prospect. Nice to have some depth with RHD, not the high end talent but with skilled LHD already on the NHL Canucks we could maybe get away with less good RHD partners for them in the future.
  4. I would like to see a change to the #1PP unit, take JT Miller off of it and put him on unit #2 and either run Hughes and OEL or put Hoglander on unit 1, definitely not Pearson...That guys is a serviceable player but he should be on line 3 permanently at some point this season, Bo's buddy or not he can't keep up and nothing wrong having him on the 3rd line with Dicky to help bring some offense to that line
  5. with better finish= more points hopefully! Hope we sign him long term to a Gallagher esque contract...not the 6m plus one but the sub 4m deal he is just finishing that was 6 or so years in length. See how he does this year and hopefully lock up next off season. I like locking up guys early and not waiting till the end of their rfa deals. I would do the same with BB6 now...sucks that he somehow got hurt already but sounds like he will be back soon!
  6. but the icon we have to use on CDC should be a permanent fixture!!! Best thing player name did for this forum!
  7. That is a nice little perk, a thank you for your yearly commitment to the team...Solid move by the organization in my opinion!
  8. think its time for a special person on this board to take a timeout....
  9. key players will be targeted, eventually get hurt and well you know. It is rinse and repeat...nothing will change until the GM and Coach are changed imo
  10. Unfortunate that Podkolzin didn't get much ice, not that I am surprised with Green as the coach. maybe he is in the SO tho if it goes a few extra rounds?
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