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  1. My bad...didn't realize a young kid would so openly pass up on 64m. Guess you want us to be the Laffs 2.0 in the near future then we can never win a cup with over priced contracts like them
  2. Question: is Hughes not a very comparable player to Torey Krug? Offensively gifted D man with poor D play who doesn't/won't get PK time. It is harsh to maybe think this way, but reality is unless Quinton improves in the D zone I see no need to overpay him like a Makar or Miro type of contract long term with his poor D zone play. Long term deal 7-8yrs 7-7.5m per or shorter term 3-4yr 5.25m per year. Petey I would offer 8yr at 7-8m per yr, would try to sign Ritchie on a cheapish 2yr deal to bring in some grit to the F group, but it is quite full already so unlikely to be a target fo
  3. Still a bottom pair D man like Poolman, who signed for less term and 1m less. It is not always about getting the best player for all positions...which is what I feel the Canuck GM tries to do, did it with Holtby paying him 2 years at 4.3m to be a backup then had to buy him out to then go sign the most expensive backup G again this FA as Halak will all but assure to hit the 3m cap hit mark.
  4. Ideally he gets hurt and only plays 9 regular season games, saving us 1.25m against the cap...kidding! all but guaranteed Halak gets 3m and has a full NMC in the deal as well
  5. Truculent 2pim, usually truculent gets more penalties for crossing the line or being too slow etc. Maybe this guy has it all and he is a hitting machine who takes no penalties...not!
  6. 1pt season gets a 10m contract and that seems fair...I would say hell no!
  7. yup and Nosek at 1.75m is good too imo, would have liked him here for that deal
  8. Flat cap era is over, GM's giving out huge contracts again as per usual...
  9. Go Sven Go! Hope you prove you can still play at the NHL level and I am rooting for you too score against us...&^@# the coach who blackballed you, I think you can still play and would have helped us out. But water under the bridge now, cheering for you BearCheese!
  10. Oscar Myer promoted to top 4 on paper I guess? Maybe he plays with OEL...
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