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  1. I disagree, Jones is past his prime, why risk fighting a guy from a lower weight division with more to lose in his legacy if he loses to a smaller fighter. Versus going up in weight, if he lost at HW people wouldn't be as shocked. Jones is still a much larger draw for PPV #s versus Israel...if I had to guess that is. Israel needs to keep beating multiple people in his division before he can say he has cleaned out the division. Jones cleared out the LHW division on what 2 different occasions? Hopefully Chimaev can win a couple more fights against higher end fighters to then challenge Israel.
  2. Dream on if you think QH or EP will take bridge contracts under 5m...Boeser got almost 6m and EP is far superior to him. QH is likely looking at the Chabot deal and saying I can get even more than that AAV if he has another good season. Bridge contracts for EP and QH will cost around 12m if not more, long term for both will cost 16m at minimum.
  3. I think JB is going to sign Marky, hopefully its reasonable but I won't hold my breath about in. Moving on from Tanev hurts but it is the right decision if he is wanting a pay raise with term...just can;t do that for a guy who I have seen age has caught up to him and will only continue to happen. We need to revamp the D, target a younger RHD in a trade like Cernak, Severson or go after some UFA and sign them to short term deals
  4. hopefully LE goes somewhere just opening up an NHL spot for us is a big plus with the amount of F's we have as it is
  5. JB and only JB signs off on contracts, no gun was held to his head by the spaghetti family or President Linden
  6. I would try to avoid a G like Greiss, he has played infront of a stingy NYI team. Canucks don't play near that kind of game and he would get exposed. Need a G that can stand on his head but isn't a #1 looking for a payday like Marky or lots of term and NMC like Marky.
  7. Demko is the only NHL player we have that was from the 2nd round. Hogz, time will tell, I like Lind and think he could maybe be another Hansen type player if all pans out. Worth it imo if we can shed 2 years of 6m per cap hit wise. Help improve our team more over the next 2 years. Yes it would suck but we have JB and only JB to blame for the situation we are in. He handed out the bad contracts, he agreed to there structure etc etc
  8. This is not likely the case, and CDC needs to stop thinking a person like you or I would walk away from 5m it is highly UNLIKELY to happen.
  9. JB could give him a new deal, I would trade Pearson myself. They played apart before and I highly doubt he is going to refuse signing with us unless we extend Pearson also
  10. Then he is an idiot and should be demoted or fired as GM if he refuses to add team is wanting LE at full pop without a + attached
  11. I sure hope JB can move LE if NYR can dump Staal. Yes more cap hit and an additional year of term but player had a NMC LE and his agent are trying to find a taker for his services period. If only we could send Gadjovich and a 2021 2nd to rid LE. Hate to lose Lind tho!
  12. Pass on the buyout, trade with retention or full cap hit for a pair of 2nds in this case. Or just waive him next camp and let him sit at home or got the the AHL or on loan to europe if that is allowed and cross your fingers he gets a LTIR type injury