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  1. Thanks for all the great content you provided over the years to all of us Canuck fans!! If you no longer come on these boards, I would just like to thank you and anyone else from the Utica area who helped enlighten us Canuck fans in regards to how the baby Canucks were doing over the years!! Cheers!
  2. I am hoping we have a gem in Jasek and he can crack the Canucks maybe as soon as next year and be a nice younger option in the bottom 6. Cull seems to be getting the best out of him among others, get him on the Canucks coaching staff
  3. Cowboy might be done in the UFC after tonight
  4. Sounds like a fun style of hockey to watch on the regular, maybe he gets a crack in the NHL at some point. Could be a good assistant maybe even for Green if he is retained, the other 2 on staff need to go if Green stays in my opinion anyway
  5. I am so looking forward to next season...where we don't play the same team all the damn time and get to see exciting players from other teams like Kirill thee Thrill for example. Watching the Canadian teams only has been quite boring, they all have glaring holes and none should have a legit shot at a cup once out of the Canadian division. Bring on the normal regular season starting in October, I know I can't wait! Go Canucks, kick the Coilers down another notch and beat em again!!
  6. Gaudette has 4 points in 5 games, good for him wish him all the best...sad to see him go thought he had promise after last season
  7. I think it has been overblown the financial stuff with the owners. They have lots of real estate supposedly, well that is making tons of $$$ with record sales all throughout the pandemic!
  8. Tied 2-2 after 1 period. Baertschi with a Goal!
  9. I agree, but to play devil's advocate they have been doing drop in vaccines at lots of pharmacies all over the province. So if someone is that desperate to get a shot they "could" get one in theory. My mother in law went to a pharmacy 2 hours after they started doing vaccines and still was able to get one recently in Kelowna. They should just be bringing a mobile vaccine RV or something and go school to school imo and give staff the option to get the jab!
  10. Could just keep it as I am sure we own the rights but they may want to re brand with a whole new name. Wonder what the logo will look like...
  11. They were great fans, but they are getting the Devils farm team I believe so they got a team to cheer for
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