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  1. What I would do is field a half-competitive team next year. Sign Hamonic to a two year deal if it's less than 2 mil. Keep the players that make sense at their cap-hit and term. Wait out this season and the bad deals to come to an end. Do not commit to long-term deals unless they are below market value or core pieces that are releveant in the next 4 years. Watch the team progress next season and watch your young players develop. Make new evaluations after next season. Have a bunch of cap-space in next years off-season and the flexibility to build a competitive team for
  2. This off-season is shaping up to be very interesting. I think we all need it as well. Being cooped up inside for so long has got me hungry for some action. I wonder what a deal would look like. I know there has been some talk about Severson being available from New Jersey.
  3. He chose to play at home instead of the AHL. That is completely fine. I am a little biased because "I know him". We have some connections. I can assure you he isn't entitled.
  4. I picked Evason because I judge it by how much a coach can get out of his player material. If Trotz was nominated, like he should be, he would be the no-brainer pick for me.
  5. Adam Larsson is hardly an upgrade on Myers to begin with. Seattle may as well pick Holtby in the expansion draft. Makes no sense. No reason to do any of this. We can sign someone cheaper than Danault if we have the space and I don't see this off-season being the time to invest in someone long-term in FA. Yea not a fan at all of this. Makes 0 sense.
  6. They didn't know if Demko could handle being a full-time #1. Insurance.
  7. Come on boys and gals, let's put the mocks in writing. Buffalo - Owen Power Seattle - Matty Beniers Anaheim - William Eklund New Jersey - Simon Edvinsson Columbus - Mason McTavish Detroit - Carson Lambos San Jose - Dylan Guenther Los Angeles - Luke Hughes Vancouver - Brandt Clarke Ottawa - Cole Sillinger Chicago - Fabian Lysell Calgary - Chaz Lucius Philladelphia - Kent Johnson Dallas - Jesper Wallstedt New York - Fyodor Svechkov
  8. I think I have posted this before but I have my concerns with Edvinsson. I am not exactly some scouting pro nor do I claim to be but he has issues with decision making and consistency. I guess you could call him an immature player. No doubt he has upside but he just reminds me of Philip Broberg who I have never really been a fan off (not necessarily playing wise). Just head scratch type of decision making that makes you furious. He will need 3-4 years at least. Carson Lambos is being slept on by a lot of people. Excellent player, whoever get's him will feel like they have gotten a
  9. Jones would definitely look amazing in Canuck colors. I also think the Canucks have the assets to make it happen.
  10. Latest I've heard on the Clarke situation is that they are stuck on the term of the contract. Canucks want the contract to coincide with Bennings and Greens (aka 2 year extension). Clarke wants longer apparently. Why not do a 2 year with an optional extension? This has been reported by Thomas Drance. Does this guy actually have sources that are legit? I have feeling I have read some of his insider stuff lately and hes been quite off in his reporting and what then ends up happening. Correct me if I am wrong here.
  11. 1 GM, 2 assistant GMs and 2 senior advisors make up the management group. I count 5 voices. Jim Benning, John Weisbrod, Chris Gear, Doug Jarvis, and Dan Smyl. In terms of amateur scouting you have roughly 25 voices. Player decisions roughly 12 including pro scouts. According to rumors, the Canucks are looking to further expand that group. Sedins in in advisory roles, perhaps this will be across the organization. I could see them dabbeling in player development with the help of Ryan Johnson, skills coaches, strength coaches and such. Also rumors about the C
  12. Sorry to continue derailing this thread to more of a discussion about the Canucks scouts, I just can't let this one slide. To my knowledge, the main reason Brackett did not return to the Canucks was that he wanted more control and say in terms of the scouting department rather than what players would be selected in future drafts. He wanted more say in who would scout for the team. Considering that, I would rather Benning than Brackett making those type of calls. Ignore the individuals, I would much rather my GM set the tone for the future of the team he is trying to build and maki
  13. A lot of false information being sputtered about in this thread. If you are so well read on the topic you have either misread or you're pushing some agenda here. Jim Benning is GM with John Weisbrod and Chris Gear as his assistants. Judd Brackett was replaced by Todd Harvey who is Director of Amateur Scouting. He was interim for the position for 2020 and I haven't heard anything change there so I am assuming he has just carried on in that position. He was the only scout to accompany Benning and Weisbrod at the 2020 draft table. Ron Delorme and Thomas Gradin share resp
  14. You know when I saw that wakeboarding picture I felt relieved. Wrist is coming a long well!
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