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  1. Think the cap will be bloated for the entirety of the term. I just don't see him being a 8+ million dollar player.
  2. I believe the case is that if a player from team a is lost to waivers due to team b putting in a claim, team a will have first dibs if team b later decides to put the same player back on waivers. At that point the player can be assigned to team a farm team without having to go through the waiver process for a third time. Perhaps there is a time limitation and I believe it is within the same season. I tried to find a source for this but I am hoping I am not just making this up from thin air.
  3. Pretty sure he ends up on waivers again, Canucks will just re-claim and can then assign him directly to Abottsford. A nice little vacation in California
  4. 2-way contracts don't have anything to do with waiver eligibility. This isn't NHL 21. Besides, Gadj has a 2-way.
  5. Not gonna get into an argument with you over this but strangling a puppy is objectively worse in your opinion than what he did to that girl? He has likely ruined a womens life. Deserves every thing coming to him.
  6. In my mind this would make Montreal the winners of this transaction. If they end up getting Dvorak with the compensation they get from Carolina they have upgraded at that position. I don't think Kotkaniemi will surpass the level of Dvorak. Carolina 1st and Ryan Poehling for Christian Dvorak. Wonder if that would seal the deal or if Montreal would have to add. Dvorak signed to the deal Kotkaniemi probably gets next summer and Dvorak is a great fit for the Habs.
  7. Canucks, Philly and Chicago. Don't believe LA did enough to warrant a nomination. Philly probably improved the most.
  8. Myers has to go. Can't be paying a guy 6 million to not play in the top 4. Also much rather the team rid themselves of him over JT. Would clear up room for Bo and JT down the line.
  9. I am used to this so I don't really care. It was inevitable.
  10. Plenty of room for both Petey and Quinn. I like the term and the cap hit. Well done.
  11. Tatar has been scratched in the playoffs by his last two coaches on his last two teams. I think there are a lot of question marks yet for the Devils.
  12. If I was a Rangers fan I would be embarassed by the direction the team is deciding to go and what the catalyst behind this change in direction was. You let one player change the future of your entire franchise and he isn't even in your organization.
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