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  1. That play was so intriguing as a sports fan. Sport is about inches. I think Draisaitl is an inch away from a breakaway the other way before the puck got to Boeser. Happy the inch was on our side this time
  2. Honestly didn't think of that aspect of it at all. Fair point.
  3. I think this years trade deadline is going to be abnormally active with the upcoming expansion draft. I expect the Canucks to do another Toffoli type trade.
  5. I mean this is the aim right? It really should be the aim if it's not. The farm should function as a conveyor belt of on the cusp NHLers. Trade the ones that are replaceable for more assets while replacing them with in house talent. And the cycle begins again. I can't remember a time the Canucks had this much depth in all positions.
  6. Just like I predicted! DiPietro with the 3rd round pick. Smart pick.
  7. Rawr. This upcoming training camp is going to be real interesting to follow with the amount of decent looking prospects in attendance. Wonder if we will see another McCann come in and surprise everyone and force his way onto to the team.
  8. Nobody was against trading lack? nobody? who are "we"? who are you speaking out for? What happened to the countless of posts saying they should trade Markström instead? You're being sarcastic right?
  9. One of the more ridiculous periods I've experienced on here. Trading Lack was such common sense it hurt how much it made sense. Brisebois is somewhat a darkhorse for me, someone I easily forget about. I think he's going to continue to surprise me moving forwards in his development. He's steadily improved since being drafted.
  10. Not even worth picking up the phone for that.
  11. Heres to hoping it's a red one and not a blue one.
  12. Yea sorry, just tried to get the Guillaume Brisebois thread back to discussing Guillaume Brisebois instead of discussing whether or not Etem should be a Comet or not. Always fun to see Canuck prospects in the WJC.
  13. So we should just keep recycling old players that we know haven't worked out in the past instead of giving a chance to new faces or other prospects? I was all for Etem going down to Utica, and you are both right, he would have been good depth. At what point do you just move on to a new project? I'd say a good time would be when another team claims the player. There is one open contract space available for a player that could potentially make an impact. Etem just had a kid, he get's to move back to cali, maybe the Canucks felt like moving on and allowing Etem to do the same? Screw having Brisebois in the AHL next season. Let's sign Stanton and trade for Corrado.
  14. Sometimes a chapter comes to an end and you move on to the next one. Etem was done in Vancouver when Anaheim claimed him. You want the Canucks to claim Corrado if the Leafs decide to actually do something with him?
  15. Etem was claimed on waivers on his way down to Utica. McCann was traded, would have been on the Canucks roster if he wasn't Forsling is in the NHL right now. Traded for a player that was closer to NHL ready, who is currently playing in the NHL as well. How exactly are they even relevant to your argument? Megna and Chaput could all help Utica a lot right now, but they are too busy filling in for injuries Utica was in the finals like 2 seasons ago and AHL teams usually swing up and down way more than NHL teams do