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  1. While it is true that the fans here have an awfully short fuse (I remember when people wanted players traded and coaches fired during the President's Trophy seasons), this year there are higher expectations. Picks have been traded and we are up against the cap. I would be shocked if personnel and roster survives intact if we are sub-500 going into the trade deadline.
  2. 3 points in 4 games though. And the results accurately reflect the quality of play we've been seeing. Any fanbase can tolerate a loss. But no fanbase would be happy with this start.
  3. Now we're just missing Shotgun Jake to fill out the Lower Mainland
  4. I'm looking back and I must've replied before your edit, but I dont think I'm really missing anything. My bad though. Anyways... A good team is going to have efficient scoring no matter how the lines are deployed. Our golden boy for this is Tyler Motte. He might do well if he moved up, but he belongs in the bottom six (in the best way possible). If he plays 15 minutes, you'll get good a 15 minutes. If he plays 8 minutes, you'll get a good 8 minutes. A cup team like Tampa has tons of these players. Coleman, Gourd, Colton... and Vancouver had guys in 2011 like that too (Hansen and Torres) who could bring energy to every shift. So a coach can make shift adjustments however they want to exploit an advantage. The problem here is that Green is making adjustments to hide our weaknesses but has created new problems in the process. There's a lot of people at fault here.
  5. You cannot ice your best players the entire game just so you can play catch-up. It becomes an even bigger problem when you're using this tactic every game because you're always behind. Hockey is a sport of bounces and puck luck, but the way we are playing, the Canucks deserve to be underdogs game in, game out.
  6. The greatest thing about this feud is that it has almost completely played out OFF the ice. Fans, pundits and players are all about the classic rivalries but this one is so memeworthy.
  7. Bob.Loblaw


    Even for Djokovic he really only ramped up his game in 2011. He was an elite player who did win the AO as a 20-year old, but he really started to hit his stride when he got a bit older. The weird thing with him is that he's legitimately improved parts of his game this late in his career, particularly his serve. At this point it really seems like he has no weaknesses. Maybe that he's a slow starter?
  8. Bit of an unfair list to compare him to the other members of the stacked 2003 draft, but that is the competition he will be up against when considering HOF. Interesting to look at that roster, which is definitely hitting retirement age. Which one of these guys makes the hall? M.A. Fleury (a lock) Eric Staal (elite but never the best, 1 cup) Ryan Suter (elite but never the best, no cup) Jeff Carter (excellent international career and 2 cups) Dustin Brown (2 cups as a captain but not much else) Brent Seabrook (key pairing with Keith, 3 cups plus some gold) Zach Parise (see Ryan Suter) Ryan Getzlaf (elite player but never the best, 1 cup, lotta gold) Brent Burns (the best for a few years, but no cup and no olympic gold) Corey Perry (has won at least one of everything - a lock) Patrice Bergeron (no Bruin is wearing #37 again - a surefire lock) Shea Weber (excellent reputation but has never actually won anything in the league, but has a lot of gold) Joe Pavelski (excellent reputation and longevity but hasn't won anything in league or internationally) As you guys can see, there are probably a solid handful of players here who deserve it more than Ryan Kesler. Which really just speaks to how stacked this class was. There were a bunch of names I didn't even mention but were excellent players in the league.
  9. Truly has to be the draft trade for the twins here. Major strings had to be pulled and it's a story within itself, and the beginning of two great careers.
  10. This is a forum. I have to troll it. This thing didn't even last a whole season as both of them were traded. Just imagine what could've been the greatest tandem in NHL history.
  11. I would be very surprised if the NHL did NOT send their players to Beijing. Bettman represents ownership, and to them China is such a huge potential market. They won't be able to resist. I really don't like Xi Jinping and the CCP's approach to politics and diplomacy. But Canada is not in a very strong position to lecture other countries on how they are re-educating ethnic minorities for the purposes of wiping out their culture (and covering it up). We are in the midst of uncovering the magnitude and depth of the atrocities that occurred in residential schools. The healing process can't begin until we uncover all the graves, and until then I feel weird to point the finger at other countries.
  12. They need to trade Monahan and Gaudreau and rebuild. Keep Tkachuk for now. They cannot win with this core.
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