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  1. Well that info about Fire and Blood is an interesting tidbit for me to think about. I still think Martin missed the train hard by not writing faster like... JK Rowling. D&D wouldn't have had to wing the last seasons. He could've turned the whole thing into something huge like Star Wars (or Harry Potter). It'll never be as big as it was during the show's run. Shame.
  2. Game of Thrones completely died after that horrendous finale. Not sure why you're trying to bring it back from the dead.
  3. He was hot stuff before getting traded to Calgary. In the end he was like the ironman version of Alex Edler. A quiet, reliable leader on the blueline who could eat up minutes like a horse. More durable but more expensive than Edler.
  4. Yes unfortunately I do remember him for missing that empty net sitter 10 years ago. Kinda flipped it straight up.
  5. This is an interesting take on a slow, ongoing trend in the NHL. The league has definitely got faster and has also been getting younger. I can only assume this pandemic will accelerate that process. I think when you have three kids and are confined to your home, priorities can start shifting away from professional hockey.
  6. Are we gonna pretend that there haven't been fifteen threads where we want Ferland and our boi Loui to go on LTIR
  7. I don't know if this is a bigger dig at golf, women, or Michelle Wie. In either case, Wie has been a career disappointment. Injuries and general inability sent her career into a spiral. But she was young, pretty, American, and had a good drive. I don't get why you're using her as an example. Yes you can golf at a high level into your 50s, but the sport sure takes a toll on the body. You cannot make the argument for poker as it requires zero physical ability or hand-eye coordination. You would have to make the case that chess is also a sport. For me sports must simply require physical ability to the point where it can cause a strain on the body, as well as mental competition. Curling qualifies. Golf qualifies. E-sports makes it. Darts and pool do not. Chess and poker certainly do not.
  8. Bob.Loblaw


    I heard about the abuse thing with Zverev. And Tsitsipas did hit his dad during the ATP Cup. Mom was there too and ripped him a new one. Almost funny to watch. Anyways it's crazy how Medvedev ran over the world numbers 1, 2, and 3. Classic Thiem overcooking his shots.
  9. Any legal wizards here who can help?  I paid a dentist's clerk in cash, which she counted and gave me a receipt.  Hours later I was told I shorted her $100 and that it would be an outstanding charge next time I visited.  She counted and gave me a receipt... and now this.  Is it fair for them to do this?

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    2. Coconuts


      Basically what others have said, if you've got the receipt showing you've paid in full take it and talk to them. It's their businesses's reputation on the line. Poor reviews scare people away more than people realize. 

    3. chon derry
    4. SabreFan1


      @Bob.Loblaw Let us know how this ends up.  I'm curious if the dentist will try and shortchange you. 

  10. Idiots suggesting we re-sign Hamhuis at $3 mil or less.  Complete idiots.  He is worth at least $4 mil and that is what he is going to get, either here or elsewhere.

  11. In 150 games with the Canucks, Zack Kassian has blocked a total of 13 shots. Let that soak in.

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    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Moral of the "story", don't put him on the ice in crunch time

    3. Bob.Loblaw


      @SN These are projections, but by the end of the season only Linden Vey will not have blocked 13 shots by the end of the season. Everyone else will probably have blocked at least 13 shots,

    4. William_Clarkson


      That's pathetic. Even worse when you consider he starts most of shifts in the defensive zone.

  12. Just realized how Landmark Cinemas has begun monopolization. A year ago movies were $5 tuesdays and $6 during all afternoons. Student prices. All of that is now gone. Very disappointed.

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    2. Wash


      Not sure if monopolization is the word you are looking for here...

    3. Mr. Ambien

      Mr. Ambien

      we've got an IMAX theatre nearby recently purchased by Landmark, it sucks.

    4. stawns


      I went to a movie on tuesday night at Landmark in kelowna and it was 6.50 per ticket

  13. When your threads in Canucks Talk get locked, just copy and paste into Proposals! Genius.

  14. If I want to watch a movie at the Dolphin on a Tuesday, how early do I have to go?

    1. :D


      If you leave now, you'll make it