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  1. Don't know of many question marks making the all-star team. What on earth are you talking about...
  2. Other hockey clubs are filling out their bottom six with cheap, reliable players. Yes. You're doing it right.
  3. I mean... if we can get Vatanen for less than 2 million, sure... but he is small. Like another d-man who just signed with Detroit.
  4. A big IF on Pietrangelo, of course, but if we get him, he can still only play 20-23 minutes per game. But it also we means we are downgrading our offense. We lose Toffoli, a legitimate top-six forward. My mistake about Boeser, but we still need at least $10 million next offseason to re-sign Pettersson and Hughes. Troy Stecher is literally twice as valuable as Fantenberg. He was a very good bottom pairing D-man for us and a decent middle pair guy too. We might get a spare RD off the FA market, but it's becoming more clear to us that Benning will have to count on some rookies to make the big jump.
  5. Because of the dead cap space in our bottom six, the team doesn't have enough money to make upgrades across the board. Benning can chase after Pietrangelo but we will run out of money and lose Toffoli. If we re-sign Toffoli, we will run out of room to sign free agents and be forced to gamble with our Comet d-men. And if we try to make a trade, we will have to give up significant assets to acquire a top-4 RD. Either way, we will also have a cap situation next year when we have to re-sign #6, #40 and #43. This year showed what the Canucks are capable of, but we need more to become a legitimate contender. Stecher was worth every penny he earned here. He was a valuable to the team and was on a pretty cheap contract too. Because of our cap deadweight, he is worth more to us than normal. This headache could've been prevented if we brought back Stecher for something like a 3 year, $6M contract. Now we've got multiple holes and not enough fingers to plug all of them.
  6. We don't have money to make those types of upgrades. If we want to re-sign Toffoli we run out of cap room quickly. Troy Stecher is a fine NHL defenseman and we know he can be trusted on the ice. At the price he signed for, it makes no sense how we lost him. If you as a GM on any team can sign a reliable bottom-pairing d-man with a right-handed shot for less than 2 million... wouldn't you take it? If Stecher plays as well as he did, this is going to be a great deal for Detroit and a stupid loss for Vancouver.
  7. That's because you didn't have Tyler Motte's work ethic
  8. This is the value of right-handed NHL defensemen. Do you want your kids to become NHL players? Put them on right D.
  9. Bob.Loblaw


    There is a Canadian playing tomorrow. Her name is Leylah Fernandez. Some teenage hotshot about to face the #7 seed.
  10. Part of Tampa's greatness is recognizing that their picks aren't panning out perfectly. Namestnikov was a decent player but was he a good fit for the team? No, so they traded him for pieces that would fit better. Same thing happened when they traded off Drouin for Sergachev.
  11. They do have a couple of top draft picks, but Point, Kucherov, Palat, Cirelli and Gourde were not first-round draft picks. They got good for a lot of reasons, and one of them is that they made every draft selection count. On the flip side, our only late bloomer is Adam Gaudette. You can't just rely on first round picks and trades to get good.
  12. The Tampa Bay Lightning are without a doubt the best franchise in the NHL today. They are loaded with talent and scoring ability. They overcame major adversity after getting swept by Columbus. It's hard not to root for them and be happy that they won. There are literally no holes in their team. Kucherov, Point, Cirelli, Palat, Gourde, Johnson, Killorn... they were all overlooked and rejected by other teams. I firmly believe that those guys wouldn't be where they are without the entire system that Tampa has put in place. The one pick that didn't fit in was Jonathan Drouin, which they flipped for Mikhail Sergachev. Veteran free agents signed for cheap because they knew this team was a winner. Their main formula was to score a lot of goals. When that didn't work and things went south last year, they made those adjustments. The Canucks have not had a winning recipe for a while and our track record shows. Have to take things one step at a time, which for Benning is to NOT make any more stupid UFA signings.
  13. How can you say this with Denver doing what they're doing right now
  14. Take the time you would've spent watching mindless hockey and pay attention to what's happening in the world.