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  1. Wasn't the first canary Trevor Linden? We can speculate all we want but probably won't know what truly happened until both he and Jim Benning are well past their retirement ages.
  2. This. If the top of the class is that murky, then such a trade seems awfully risky. And if you're Buffalo or Seattle, you'd want more for a 1st or 2nd overall pick.
  3. Alright put your monies in the pot already the bet is ON
  4. Yeah it's supposedly part of his contract that he will be protected. Probably one of the conditions to his re-signing (weird that they didn't just give him the NMC).
  5. Supposedly there's an agreement in his new contract that Pearson will be protected. We will 90% lose a forward. The d-men and Holtby are the other 10%. I doubt Seattle's core will come from our pick.
  6. So how do you acquire a young elite core? For Benning, it should be through the draft, which has been his greatest strength. One of his biggest weaknesses has been free agency. Benning on July 1st has become a meme for neutral hockey fans. It's wild how many draft picks have quickly turned into NHL-level players. Of course, Benning has also traded away that talent at pretty low prices. Another concern is the lack of player development from the AHL. I thought Gaudette and Virtanen were going to be core players that learned a lot in Utica but they both regressed terribly this year. The o
  7. Maybe you just don't understand what asset management is? Every transaction has its opportunity cost. When the Oilers draft McDavid, they chose to give up Eichel. When they signed McDavid to that monster contract, they probably gave up a decent depth player to the cap. Jim Benning acts like a scout. In the summers, he sees players like Beagle, Roussel, Eriksson etc. and sees talented players. I mean, that was poor scouting, but according to you that wasn't his fault either. In the winters, he sees Tanner Pearson. Do you know what most others saw? Cap room, roster spots, and
  8. I don't understand why you're trying so hard to craft an excuse for every single mistake he has made and yet give him full credit for everything he has done well. When it comes to you explaining Benning you only have two answers: "this is why he's great!" or "that's not his fault!" I do not like Jim Benning. Never really have. He has done very poorly in free agency. He has done very well in drafting. If he was truly as good as you suggest he is, then he would be lauded as one of the best GMs, and not one of the worst. If he was as good as you say, then we would have one of th
  9. Way to sidestep my response. Osaka was essentially being forced to attend press conferences or risk defaulting from the tournament. Imagine if an NHL player was threatened with suspension because he refused to do pressers. That's the stance Roland Garros took. You don't have to agree with her actions, but you have to admit that kicking her out over this was ridiculous and bullying. It also sounds like you've never watched her play or speak. You have no idea how good and how shy Osaka is as a person and as a player. So why are you so quick to pass judgment? This is some gasli
  10. Way too soon to be making those kinds of jokes
  11. I might've exaggerated that a bit there. It was her against the tennis world. Tournament officials, players (including her friends), media, and neutral tennis fans turned on her hard. I'd chalk some of it up to her original IG post that kicked the whole storm off. It was poorly worded and seemed to speak for all players. That forced all the players to actually craft a response, and suddenly Naomi was left without many allies. She is one of the shiest players on tour and probably one of the most shiest athletes in the world. She has an unfiltered, honest candor to her intervie
  12. I think some folks here aren't quite grasping what it means for her to withdraw from RG because of this. To withdraw from a grand slam for any reason beyond injury is a huge thing. To do it because she felt overwhelmed by the pressure and negativity is... disheartening. "Good for her" doesn't really capture what happened. This is someone who crumpled under the public pressure and the hate directed at her. Osaka is the biggest star in women's tennis, and she is also the shiest player in sports. She wanted more privacy so she focus playing in a huge tournament she has always st
  13. Nah the Avalanche is an absolutely BROKEN team where passes are like magnets, shots are like cannons, and speed is their middle name. We are quite literally a broken team.
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