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  1. Really nice signing, I'm liking Hamonic's game, and the price is a no brainer. But could the cheap deal and no real signing options be more because he opted out of playing in the playoffs during the Covid Bubble last year? Hope he changes his mind for this year's playoffs, we have a really good D group. Hoping someone else (*wink wink* Juolevi) steps up so we have 3 dmen to exit our zone.
  2. Would love to hear Pantera - Walk everytime the game is on the line, and it's an important faceoff!
  3. Unfortunately, the ones whining (some fans) can't actually win the cup - the team would have to do it. Fleury states his opinion honestly, and with understandable reasons - yet we can't accept a difference in opinion? This has nothing to do even with his credentials, fans are flaming him because he predicted against the canucks. All his trash talk came after he was attacked. The team already has everyone else's respect as a good team, even if they don't win a cup. This is all about the fans' sense of entitlement. Once we drop that, then we as a fan base will get respect. It's time for u
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