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  1. Tesla researcher says new Battery could last 1 Million Miles, definitely will be interesting if they can make this...

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    2. Alflives


      We could say goodbye to combustion engines if this is true.  I’d really like to see this happen in my lifetime. 

    3. LordCanuck


      I wasnt saying just tesla, electric cars are less expensive to run, have a tonne of less moving parts and most batteries today last longer than the frame or drive train will last. As we go alone parts will get cheaper. cars will get cheaper.


      all current teslas out of warranty started out at over 100,000 dollars each, no duh parts will be expensive

    4. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      Obviously comparing a gas vehicle to an electric vehicle car driving side by side the electric car will cost you less to have it move duh, but doesn't mean it will cost you less in the long run or when issues start to happen and repairs need to be done, until like I said before you replied when they start becoming more popular and people start buying them more then the parts start getting cheaper because they're producing more, hence why I said down the road is when I'll look at switching then it will be cheaper for sure.


      But hold up these companies are giving warranty for 100,000 miles or up to 8 years because that's the estimated life of the batteries and you're going to say a frame of a vehicle will not outlast that? Lol what?

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