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  1. We needed to win the draft for that to be a reality. A lot of the kids in this drafts are a year or two away.
  2. As much as I think highly of Wallstedt, we need more C and D prospects.
  3. The Athletic really don't like Lysell or Wallstedt huh?
  4. I'd have to wait and see, Luke has been as high as #2.
  5. I am happy for Buffalo but I don't think that helps the relationship with Eichel
  6. I think Demko gets the conn smythes but I wouldn't complain about a little mini cup trophy and a big ring
  7. Podkolzin will never give up on a play. That guy is perfect with Horvat and Hog as a hard pressure line. Definitely a big contributor though, with a bunch of votes.
  8. Good signing, we need guys like Plasek in the minors. Hope to see Persson sign after a season in the Dub. Costmar and Karlsson should get deals done, I think they would play well in the minors.
  9. It would probably be a good idea to invest in OHL scouting but our American (USHL, NCAA) and European amateur scouting has been carrying us pretty well. I guess Benning and co really developed and prioritized the kids going to school.
  10. Nice, I like another Jasek. I wonder if Plasek got burried in the Czech leagues as well.
  11. You forgot that Podkolzin is a dominate puck possessor and can play a 200 foot game
  12. Staying with the K, I don't think he comes back to the NHL.
  13. If it's the same old, then we are not winning that draft judging by our luck. SAME COACHING, SAME MANAGEMENT, SAME DRAFT PICK, SAME OLD CANUCKS HOCKEY.
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