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  1. Rather not, if Greener gets fired, then I would seek a more modernize coach. We have a young team and having an old school style coach like Julien would be a mistake. I'd be leaning to get a more offence orientated coach because we have gone through a ton of defensive style coaching (akin to NFL coaching changes) There needs to be more work done on the offensive side when we have the firepower.
  2. Thank you, he has been real good. Podkolzin looking better with each game going by.
  3. I really like the Horvat and Miller line. I think Petey needs to build chemistry with Hoglander and vice versa. The defensive pairings could use some work
  4. Hunt looks bad out there a lot bad pinches. I hope he changes that in the next period.
  5. I think the next two games are what will be determines Vasilev Podzolvin, he is ready for the show and he has the skills. I think Travis has done will to get him to understand how the game is played at North America. I can't to hear Craig Button flipflop about Podkolzin's readiness. I am convinced that Podkolzin just needed some tough love from the coaching staff and it seemed to work. "Podz, you got to play or else we'll send you back to Russian VHL!" I am sure that worked!
  6. Thank you for reflecting, it means a lot going forward. Personally, I am spending the day helping my mother heal since she was a survivor of day school. I am planning on becoming a teacher and it's important to highlight not only the good parts of Canadian history but the awful parts of Canadian history since learners need to know it. I never got to learn about it personally at school but I learned about it very quickly through my mother's experiences. I am happy the Canucks support this day, heck even this week, makes me a proud Canuck fan.
  7. Probably need to make some deep playoff rounds like at least round 2+ and I am sure Horvat will stay. Making the playoffs this year is paramount to keep a lot of this talent.
  8. Kid's too good for the Q, he needs to stay with Abbotsford, I think he is on the cusp of being NHL ready with proper coaching from Cull. Either way, really exciting job and excellent drafting from Benning and Co. I really don't know how they find such great diamonds in the rough.
  9. For me, it was a toss up... I give the edge to Horvat over Boeser. A quality player on and off the ice. No slight on Petey and Huggy but I gotta go with those two guys. Horvat is a dependable two-way centre that's a workhorse. Those are players you rely on heavily and can get your team into a deep playoff run. Proven playoff performer and a clutch scorer. Boeser is different, he has elevated his game tremendously the past few years and is not just your typical one trick triggerman on the top of a circle. He plays hard along the boards and even plays a solid two-way game now.
  10. Better than nothing, sacrifices will have to be made.
  11. Interesting, Mary should be recognized maybe a vaccine research lab named after her. Thanks to vaccines, we pretty much eradicated smallpox, rubella, whooping cough, polio etc. My grandmother had rubella as a kid and it made her deaf. If the rubella vaccine was around, I am sure she would be able to hear the family but I am still glad she's around. I am really thankful in the advances of modern medicine to improve our quality of life.
  12. I am Indigenous and that pisses me off. I seriously hope she gets removed off the ticket but something tells me she won't. The NDP kicked off two of it's candidates why can't Bernier do the same?
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