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  1. Gotta go look at budget signings, Vatenen or Hamonic or both, need something for the D unless we are going to play our kids
  2. As much as I would have liked OEL, good riddance that contract would have handcuffed us
  3. A few seasons in the AHL will develop his D game quite well.
  4. Virtanen would have likely refused the deal, if the cap hit is too low, and moved on. Canucks dont have a lot of money to go around to re-sign a lot of players. Hoping they sign him cheap or look at the kids for depth help
  5. Demko is a no deal for me, I will not give him up if I were Jimbo. Horvat, Miller, Hughes, Pettersson and Demko are and should be untouchables. As for our prospects, teams will likely ask for Podkolzin or Hoglander as a sweetener for taking on the LE contract. Again, I wouldn't do that deal in a million years.
  6. Got no draft pick assets this year and I think he'll want to weaponize his 1st next year for help. If it took a first round pick to dump the marleau contract, it will at least take that for Loui. Personally I can't see them giving up picks, we need another top end talent in the cupboards and a first round pick is close to a sure fire way to address that need.
  7. When I watch Podkolzin, I see a lot of Honey Badger in him. Of course, I think Podkolzin is much more skilled than him but the motor is there and the ability to play on any line in any situation is the similarity to Jannik. I would be shocked if he doesn't make it next year, I think he can at least start on the 3rd line and work his way up the lineup.
  8. Josh Anderson isn't worth it, we are in cap limbo and you want jimbo to trade for him and sign him long term? Cmon, we are trying to open up cap, not spend it.
  9. At this rate, I rather look for a suitable back up to Demko and play the new popular approach of a 1A/1B goalie approach with Demko getting a majority of the starts. I really like Markstrom but at this rate but keeping him would only hurt Demko's development, whom looked like he is prepared for a condensed schedule coming up in the 2020-21 season. Give the kid a shot and wish Marky the best. In all honesty, you would have to package Demko just to get rid of LE's contract and that's not something I or likely, any Canuck fan would be willing to do.
  10. Ah k, I do see it now. It goes from a NMC to a Modified NTC, then we can expose him. I thought he had two years of a NMC but I guess I am wrong. Smart of Benning to only give it for a year.
  11. Cant expose Myers unless he agrees to it thanks to his full NMC
  12. Heard we can split the costs between two years for cap stuff. Meaning half on cap recapture, buyouts and buried contracts split between two years instead of one. That opens up a good chunk of cap space