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  1. I don't he processes the game slowly, he is certainly a wizard in front or crashing the net. I think you need some quick thinking to do that. Foot speed was always his knock on him I believe, not so much the other.
  2. Jonah is really on a mission to improve. Maybe he can train with Bo's power skating coach, since she did wonders for Bo's skating. I can see why Judd and Weisbrod were very high on him when we drafted him.
  3. I have no worries for a shoot first centre like Bo. Podz and Hogs will just dig out pucks and set up Bo.
  4. Trade the expiring contracts of value and book it for the next season.
  5. Podz and Hogz are going to be such dynamic wingers for Boz.
  6. Start high and bargain into a decent prospect/young player and a pick
  7. I think getting an analytics guy will be the next best thing for the team. Too much reliance on traditional aspects of hockey, it's time to have a completely fresh look on the game. I get we need toughness but you can only win so many games when they can barely control the puck. Luongo might be the guy or promoting from within and getting Ryan Johnson whom the prospects love, are probably my top two choices besides Gilman.
  8. They might even postpone this year's draft because of Covid. So we'll have a big 4 headed horse of Powers, Wright, Savoie, and Lambert if they do
  9. We need a complete rework of the systems, obviously it is not working with both the PP and D having real issues. Unfortunately, that would result in firing Green.
  10. I miss you TT, out of all the 3 players we let go... I wanted TT the most but we let a potential Rocket Richard winner go I am like TT just like TT
  11. That's probably on coaching to do that. I think they expect the veterans to push but you need the coaches to help out as well.
  12. I hear that, I am doing some scouting reports for our possibly high pick chances.
  13. Wheel in the tv coach, systems anit right and our d depth isn't as good. Keep Clark, can the rest. PP isn't there, thanks Brown.