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  1. Hang on ... I'm old, but if my memory is correct, Garland played quite a few games as a LW with both the Coyotes and in the Q. So, since Green doesn't know how to use his players effectively, let me take a shot ... Garland Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Hoglander Miller Dickinson Podkolzin Highmore Lammikko Chiasson Give Podz a good player on his line like Miller, and see what the kid can do, and The Hog deserves to be on the 2nd line. Wait, Brock is injured long term ... okay then ... Garland Pettersson Podzkolzin Miller Horvat Hoglander Pearson Dickinson Chiasson Highmore Lammikko Bailey
  2. The new normal. We're very lucky here in New Zealand, the live crowds have been normal for the most part, but even here, they are going to implement a Covid card for access to entertainment/travel venues in the near future.
  3. Not persistently negative, just tired of the same old, same old with no light at the end of the tunnel, and then when it looks like it is approaching, it just gets farther away again. Time and again, this team tries to spend its way into the playoffs, and it never works. I also would say not refuted, because basically #2 happened; entering last year of contract = end of contract for trading purposes. Also, #4 kind of works as well; our junk became valuable to one team when they could get rid of their junk, hence it wasn't junk anymore. I will say this, though ... changing from one set of turds to a shinier new turd does not a win make; sure, OEL could rebound, but even after all I said, it still would have been better for Benning to wait one more year. I think OEL would have still been available, and we would have been in a much better position cap wise and roster wise to drive a harder bargain to take on that contract. Benning conned ownership to throw potentially even more bad money after bad money. I wish OEL the best as a Canuck fan, and having Garland included could be great, but players come here with great reps and then enjoy the Club Med atmosphere a little too much and fade away. This contract will hurt in 3 years, and maybe even sooner if he doesn't play up to his abilities, and without a change in the head coach, OEL may not be allowed to bounce back. We shall see ...
  4. I love EP, and I love me some Tryamkin, so would love both to be core members of the Canucks for years to come, but it probably won't happen with Try, and we don't know the future with EP. But ok, just for the sake of discussion, I'll date myself by putting on my Ron Caron hat and "professoring up" a trade that would be talked about for years to come: Rights to Tryamkin/Virtanen/EP/1st this year/2nd next year for Eichel/Reinhart/Dahlin. Would Buffalo do this ... I think they might. EP is similar to Eichel in value going forward and better value as well in the short term, and add n a 2nd for the sake of appearances, and then the rest can be argued to even out depending on how high that 1st is. Would Vancouver do this ... 1 valuable roster asset, 1 semi-useful one, one asset that may never play for the team and one that is a crap-shoot versus 3 known and valued roster assets. I think it could work, but buyouts would need to happen. Flame away!
  5. I have never thought throwing good money after bad was a great business decision, so I can't blame ownership for not wanting to lose even more money on bad deals. I don't know why people here in Vancouver don't appreciate the ownership of the Canucks the way they should. They pay big money to (hopefully) ice a good team, and don't (from what I can see) interfere in the on-ice product to any great degree. If anything, I wish they would interfere more, instead of leaving the product in the hands of Dim Jim and his merry band of coaching idiots (with the exception of Ian Clark, or course).
  6. There is no blame here on Tryamkin at all. He did nothing wrong at all in his past time with the Canucks, and again, he is not to blame here either. The man had a choice: certainty (hometown team, good money), or the unknown (Benning, Canucks budget). Based on track records ... can you blame him for taking the certainty? He has a family to look after, and that is what he is doing. I wish him all the best.
  7. We should all know by now the following: 1. Benning doesn't trade vets out of "loyalty"; 2. Because of the above, we are stuck with albatross contracts until they either retire or come to end of contract; 3. Because of both of the above, the team will always have needs, but will never be able to get what it needs the most; 4. Because of the above three points, the coaching staff and Benning are safe, as the "process" can never be completed due to circumstances beyond their control, aka other teams not being willing to pay anything for our junk; 5. Finally, because of the above 4 points, being a Canucks fan is one of the most excruciating things you can be. I know, because I've been one since the mid 1970s.
  8. Sorry, but there is a tier for god-level players, and McDavid isn't there ... yet. By god-level, we can disagree about order, but we're talking about Orr, Gretzky, Lemieux, and Howe (and asmall group of others) for different reasons on and off the ice. Rules changed and game play changed due to the effects these players had on the game. McDavid hasn't had that effect now, and he wouldn't have had it in the past. Maybe arguable after a career's worth of play, but not now, and personally, I doubt if it will ever be arguable.
  9. Everyone has mentioned some great players, and personally would put Orr at #1 just for how he changed the game, but one that needs more love is Viacheslav Fetisov (I think I spelled his name right?). I remember Gretzky once saying that he was the best D he'd ever played against, and he was the immovable object not only in international play, but also mentored someone like Lidstrom in his early years. If he had had a chance in the NHL when he was younger, I think he would have impacted the game as much as Orr, not point wise, but definitely in how you use all of the ice to dominate the opposition. The Green Unit couldn't have worked as well without him; he was the coach on the ice, and the heart of that unit. I still remember the 87 Canada Cup, and while everyone remembers the final Gretzky to Lemieux goal, go back and watch how Fetisov dominated Gretzky's unit for most of that series. The grinders kept the Canadians in that last game, and that was largely because Fetisov had been tasked to shut down both Gretzky and Lemieux, and it's no accident that thee scored when he wasn't on the ice.
  10. I don't know ... I would have thought Benning could have managed that price ...
  11. I'd love to be in the room to hear the argument against Jake getting what he wants. Talk about tough love ...
  12. If Toff is hitting free agency and the end result is we're getting OEL and keeping Jake instead ... I think this is a misstep.
  13. If Arizona wants to move OEL here, and considering the effect he should have on the team going forward, JB can knock this out of the park in a deal like this: OEL for 1st rounder, Lind, Sutter and LE. Then, don't resign Tanev, let Marky go, and sign AP and King Henrik. With the other problematic contracts coming off the books within 2 years, this is the deal that the Canucks need going forward for it to make sense. If they can't do this, then it's not worth doing budget wise. If they want to do it, swing for the fences ... OEL - AP Hughes - Myers Edler - Rafferty OJ Benn Fanta
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