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  1. kacholu

    Jim Benning

    You forgot to add Beagle at $3M and Roussel $3M. Soon Tyler Myers contract of $5M will be similar to Lui. So yah that's another $11M on the books for dead weight
  2. If it's just JO or Woo for Simmonds then JB needs to be fired on the spot before he causes more damage. If he's not fired then it's for sure ownership. In which case are doomed for many years to come
  3. It was reported by one of JB fanboys Ian Mcityre. By the way you got triggered it seems like you are one of them fanboys too. Guess no point in arguing with you.
  4. I love what Miller brings to the table and the player he is/what he has been doing so far. My problem is JB not being able to negotiate. Imagine if we could have landed him for a 2nd or prospect we weren't super high on. One of the reporters metioned JB took the offer without countering.
  5. Several players already come and said that he never apologized about it. So for him to say that he did is simply a lie. Does not look good in my eyes.
  6. Well that would be against Bennings buy high sell low strategy. Please start making logical suggestions
  7. Sometimes these games go this way. On to the next one. Glad we got a point though
  8. Too bad somone didn't take him to the Roxxy. He would have been well taken care of there.
  9. I'm not hiding anything. So pointing out his flows makes me a hater now? You know we are allowed to criticize our gm, players, coaches etc. I'm not a blind follower. I will credit where it's due and call out flows. Benning has a lot more flaws than homeruns. You are the closet JB fanboy who gets triggered when people point out his flaws.
  10. I like how you completely ignore the main point and address something that I didn't even state my opinion on. Seems like I triggered you with not blindly hopping into the JB lovefest
  11. It's funny you get all triggered when he calls out Benning and run to his rescue like fanboy. Let's take a step back and look at things without our JB lovefest. If you are BB and you see other teams paying huge money for their young guys. (Thanks Toronto and Edmonton for messing up the market). Also, not to mention JB giving away huge money like candy to EVERYONE!!! Obviously he wants to get paid market value. Now I agree with you that BB wants huge money for a short term deal and won't accept long term at the rumoured $7M. But please let's look at both sides before running into JB's defence.
  12. I want to see more pics of him and how he looks now. The couple pics on IG showed that he's still pretty skinny
  13. Hmm all this money for goalies has me worried how much Marky will demand. If course he's not top 5 in league atm but still the AVV could be up there.