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  1. Love this from him! I seriously can't put into words how incredibly inspiring this is to hear. For those who are not part of the community (or don't know anyone apart of it) know that the process to make a statement like this is not made overnight. Mans did not wake up one day and go "I'm going to shake things up and tell the world". However it's a statement that can make a world of difference. It's not about telling everyone you're gay, it's about eliminating others assumptions about you being straight. Unfortunately we still live in a world where you're assumed straight until ot
  2. Anyone know where I can watch the England vs Scotland match?
  3. Aces is straight out of nhl 21- when you make a new team. I like millionaires and canucks and don't hate sockeyes or falcons(but don't really like them either). Ahl has a lot of crap names though so I'm not expecting greatness
  4. Anyone else having a huge issue with ticks this year? Can't even walk around my backyard without getting one on myself or my pooch. My neighbour went to the extreme and bought a couple of guinea hens to try an deal with them. Normally I see maybe a handful throughout the year, this year has been so many I lost count.
  5. My general hatred for this guy makes me want to say "toss him out". Not at all professional (not surprisingly) but its a weak grab, it's just banter and hardly homophobic. If it means I don't have to see his face anymore though I'm all for it.
  6. I've noticed that quite a bit. Would love to see him with petey and Miller. (That's more a on pp thought)
  7. That's not follow through? Wtf. Edler makes a pass and flame player skates into his stick... uh what
  8. This intermission show is very different...50/50 talk about both teams.. what is this nonsense
  9. Elliot looks like he just stepped on set straight from the shower. The man literally has so many different look
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