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  1. Freaking posts need to move out of our way. Need to make away nets pipes slimmer
  2. Hockey is so funny. Sayings like "that was a big tip" are normal commentary
  3. I think I'm getting too old for life. I just hate listening to anything from media types. Ruins my whole mood if I have to hear them. I've spoiled myself these past 3 weeks with no screen time. Might have to start watching games on mute listening to good tunes going forward.
  4. The best part of this game is the leafs line juggling against our AHL team. And media has them going far in the playoffs?
  5. Edler loves throwing the knee when he can't make a clean hit. And ugh just found out my mums cousin is in the hospital. Was found unconscious at her home. Has a brain tumor..can we go back to 2019?
  6. If he comes back I will be a happy person. I love a crease clearing dman. Get away from our tendy!
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