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Off to a new start.

Guest Jimayo Oyamitch

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I've been working for the past several years as a security officer in the early morning. It's always the same routine every day: wake up in the evening, have dinner, work from dusk 'til dawn, and experience life in a generally unappealing way -- in the dark and often alone. I've pondered why this may be perhaps healthier and more attractive to some individuals, and I can clearly see people being able to think more clearly to themselves at night. I, however, have become sick of working the evening fshift.

The people around me do not help much either. They all believe I'm simply whining about my job and that we should all just stick with it. I can safely say that is utter BS as it's the same crap I've been hearing from my wife and associates for the past several years. I finally cracked and decided I needed a change of scenery, far from home, away from what I've become accustomed to this past decade. It's ruining me, and unless I leave, I am going to be driven insane. I consider myself lucky to have been so cool, calm and collected all my life; it's a trait I'm sure many of you would envy.

After all these years, I finally said "enough". I quit my job, packed my bags and am on the brink of moving to Mississauga to begin a brand new life. I don't care that I may be leaving behind loved ones or that my four offspring will live their youth not having their father around. All this wasted time living in the dark has left me burnt out, and though I could just as easily find a new job in a more local environment, I feel an urge to pursue a new life and a new challenge. Call me selfish or somewhat psychotic -- I believe I've always been a bit cold and heartless-- but this is what I plan to do for at least the next little while. I hate my old life and the people involved in it.

Here's to a new beginning:


Ahh so this is the reason Raffi left the canucks. good job Gillis!

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No... his first post was awful, because he reacted to this obviously joke thread in the obvious morally outraged way.

Awful? Really? If it is the same Jimayo from years past, which I suspect it is, I wouldn't take him to be 'troll'. Any indication of outrage within my post is just your own perception, this thread in no way 'outraged' me. You do seem to be a bit touchy, seeing as other people's responses seemed to compel you to respond to a thread you feel has no actual truth to it.

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Guest Voucer

Why has the OP's handle been changed to Guest_Jimayo Oyamitch_* and his status changed to Guest? Did he get banned for this?

That's an interesting point. His profile is no longer visible either. I have a feeling his account was deleted.

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Good luck getting an American working VISA bro haha.

Actually, if that was actually me it wouldn't be hard. I went to uni in the states and could get one through my university.

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