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I know you're all better than this


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I remember back when this area flourished, and when it was practically a competition to make the GDT. Everyone wanted to show off what graphic prowess they had, one-up the last person who made one, and in the end designed some pretty sweet GDT's. now it seems every one looks like this;

couple logos img bracketed in, text lineups, a quoted preview, maybe throw in a youtube video for good measure...

I know you graphics guys are out there in the woodworks somewhere, challenge yourselves and others! be creative!

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I'm not sure whose it was or if it's still online but props to the guy who made the GDT between the Canucks and Sharks and for every Canuck gave him shades and the name "Agent ##" whatever number he was, and the Sharks had something else... that one was quite hilarious and one of a kind :lol:

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Thought I would bump this thread for a good reason.

Anyone noticed lately how GDT's have lacked creativity or artistry? Most of the recent ones I have seen are copying/pasting Strombone1's image from the "2013 - 2014 GDT Registrations" thread and posting a couple of stats of the team and then the lineup. The last time I remember someone posting a good one was Apples earlier in the year.

Come on peeps! I know you're all better than this.

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