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Let's get a PPP ratio table started. By PPP, I mean pluses per post. All active posts (including White Noise) count. I will divide the number of pluses by the number of total active posts. However, it doesn't account for pluses offset by minuses. This is just an average. In other words, it's not a measure of total pluses ever received by a member. That's just too much work.

Keep in mind that many CDC users were here several years before the plus system was implemented. This is also subject to changing plus and post counts, but it's just some random statistic that people may find fascinating. Not meant to be taken seriously.

For those with negative reps, I will use the number of minuses. Sorry. :P You will be highlighted in red.

Me: 0.186

Champions of Nothing: 0.042

KraziestKazakh: 0.585

Vintage Canuck.: 0.057

Bryan McCabe.24: 0.059

Caboose: 0.121

I R Baboon: 0.142

KeslerLuongo17: 0.112

Skks_King: 0.016

ScottishCanuck: 0.184

*VaNcOuVeRCaNuCkS*: 0.168

Navyblue: 0.108

Stick-in-Rink: 0.254

NightHawkSniper: 0.114

HoneyBadger23: 0.052

Menime: -0.013

Tony Romo: -0.044

Where's Wellwood: 0.257

avelanch: 0.105

HummusCraps: 0.219

kanucks25: 0.032

TheGermanCanuck: 0.008


clutch: -16.313

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