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Canucks Mvp This Year?


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Simple poll.

Some players were included in both questions just because they are popular names.

As I stated in another topic, my vote for MVP goes to Dan Hamhuis.

My vote for biggest disappointment goes to Mason Raymond.

Vote and discuss.

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Hammer as MVP. Where would our D be without his steadying influence?

Kes is the biggest disappointment. I know the he's still not right from the surgery, but on too many nights he looked to be going through the motions. Wishful thinking is that he's been saving himself for the playoffs.

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It's Henrik. His performance without Daniel again sealed that.

Luongo and Schneider split the goaltending vote.

Kesler and Higgins have been out. As is Daniel, who was quite brutal offensively for awhile before Keith KO'd him.

Burrows is likely going to win 'most exciting player' award.

Hamhuis. Yeah, you gotta dig that +/-. But you know why it's so high? That would be Henrik.

Most disappointing is obvious. Raymond's production is not even close to where it should be considering his linemates and icetime.

Kesler hasn't been as awesome offensively this season compared to last, but he does so much more than Raymond otherwise. Like not fall down on his own. Cheers.


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MVP: Dan Hamuis or Chris Higgins

Disappointment: SO FAR, Ryan Kesler, but just wait until the playoffs folks, he'll light it up, he's a god damn workhorse, I don't think he even is a disappointment, he does so many little things that go unnoticed, so my disappointment is..... Mason Raymond. He won't do anything in the playoffs, let alone the regular season...

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Higgins has been our MVP imo. Considering his role, contract, and where he's playing on this team, he's done wonders. He's always the hardest working player on the ice, and has scored some clutch goals for us. I'm so glad MG got him at the deadline last year for almost nothing, and re-signed him. I hope he stays a Canuck for a long time!

Raymond is the obvious disappointment. Sure I'll cut him some slack, he's returning from a career-threatening injury so kudos to him. But considering his ice time, his role, and constantly being placed on the 2nd line, I'll say that he's been a big disappointment. Hopefully he returns to top form next year and starts putting up numbers again.

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Hammer Time or Hank for MVP

Ballard's been the biggest disappointment again in my opinion. I really thought he would at least be able to earn part of that super-sized salary he's making this year and so far (partly because of injury and partly because of poor on-ice performance earlier in the season) that just hasn't happened. Having said that, I do believe that if #4 can get back in the lineup for the playoffs he could make a big impact for us. I really think he has a breakout in him, just needs health and confidence back and he could turn it all around

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