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Do We Need To Split Them Up


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......................before it's too late?

Booth with Kesler is just not working for me. Kesler contrary to opinion on here, did NOT light up when the Amex line played. He hasn't lit up all year.

Does anyone remember his form in last year's SC. I would say he was one of our top players of the tournament.

I can't remember his regular playing partners in the SC but I have a feeling they were Higgins and Raymond. Perhaps someone can confirm this.

Anyway I just don't think that Booth and Kesler are a fit, they don't have chemistry and Booth seems determined to do his own thing.

I want, before it's too late to split them up and have a 2nd line of ....Higgins - Kes - Raymond in the hope that it will rekindle the Kesler of last season.

I am not saying Booth has played badly. He is extremely hit and miss though for someone in his salary range. I was also extremely worried about his puck watching the other night in our defensive zone. I would rather see him play with someone like Henrik and Burr in an attempt to make him pass more.

It seems to me he loses sight of his team mates when he gets the puck and when he does pass it seems too late because it is done as a last resort for him. Puck hog could also be said about Kesler, I realise that but what I'm trying to suggest is a way to have both of them lighting up in different lines.

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Very astute observation.

It amazes me that between Booth and Kelser they have a grand total of 2 goals in the last 13 games. That's not each. That's 2 for Booth and a donut for Kesler.

Booth can look so good on his rushes as he puts his head down and heads to the net but it isn't consistent and he isn't doing anything else. He CANNOT go to the third line. Against Kopitar, Williams and Brown I think he gets totally exposed in the defensive end.

Let's face it. Without Daniel the line combinations are very difficult. With him it makes that first line so solid so that it's easier for AV to play with his other combinations.

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Lapierre Sedin Burrows

Ebbett Kesler Booth

Higgins Pahlson Hansen

Weise Malhotra Kassian

Hamhuis Bieksa

Edler Tanev

Rome Salo

Please make it so...... Lapierre was great with Hank and Burrows so put him back together already. He obviously isn't clicking with Kesler and Booth, so why keep him there when he was doing great on the first line? Keeping Lapierre on the second line does nothing but eliminate the first line scoring.

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