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Gillis On The Team 11:37 Am

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Didn't deserve to win first game but played well enough to win the next two.

If you make mistakes you are going to pay.

We have to be better and hopefully we play our best game Sunday-up tempo fame we have a chance.

Schneider decision-I encourage everyone to contribute but at the end of the day Alain makes the decision who plays-he is responsible for the line-up.

Talked to Roberto? No,Alain has.He handled it like a pro and team mate.

We needed a momentum change.You have to have guts to change the momentum.

We will try to win this series and move on.Not sure who will be the starting goalie in Sept..

We are totally focused on Sunday.Don't know what time we play on Sunday.

You have ot learn how to adjust and roll with these things.TV is important.

Zach and Bieksa maintenance day.

Reinprecht is not needed-centres have been good and he is insurance policy.

Breakdowns from undisciplined play ....by our defence.

We are not unhappy with our centres.He has not been here this season.

Raymond an option for AV? That is Alain's decision but we will discuss it .Thought he played pretty well last game.Works hard and needs a bounce.

Twins and Booth-I liked it . He is physical. Needs a bounce.I like his game.Used his power and strength.If he can stay in front of the net he will get opportunities.

The breaks will help us but not if we are over anxious.

LA is built around goalie/D. We have to rely on our experience.

3-1 Pittsburgh ? Good teams become undisciplined they become average in a hurry.

We need to get back to our style that led to our success.

U-18 finals? Nephew -sister's son - Adam is playing. Two other brothers also playing pro hockey.

Good young player,big and aggressive with a bright future.

I would never draft a player based on a family tie.

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