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2012 Playoffs Crazy

Please Call 911

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Unbelievable! This years 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs seem to be full of upsets in every series! The biggest upsets must be Vancouver down vs LA and Pittsburgh down vs. Philly, but the whole playoffs are crazy right now.

Usually there are one or two upsets in the first round, but it seems like we will have 8 upsets this round


1 v 8 Canucks vs. Kings

This is a pretty big upset, defending West Champs and back-to-back President's trophy champs were down 3-0 to 8 seed

2 v 7 Blues vs. Sharks

As well as the Blues were doing during the season, the Sharks bring grit to a series that should have worn down a Blues team, but they cruised to a victory?

3 v 6 Coyotes vs. Blackhawks

Huge upset here, Phoenix has almost no star players except maybe Mike Smith going against a skilled Blackhawks team 2 years removed from a Cup that were stuck in the strongest division in hockey. Don't see how they were down 3-1

4 v 5 Predators vs. Red Wings

On paper, this is a pretty evenly matched series, but the Red Wings have so much experience and talent going against a Preds team with almost no playoff experience. Red Wings are pretty tough as well, but still the Preds cruised to a victory.


1 v 8 Rangers vs. Senators

I am Canadian and love Canada, but the Rangers are so much better than the Sens. They had a great year in the regular season, and almost won the President's trophy. They have a huge point producing forward in Gaborik and a star goaltender in Lundqvist, but yet, they are down 3-2 to Ottawa who have too many old stars

2 v 7 Bruins vs. Capitals

The Bruins are a very tough team that will wear you down, and although the Caps didn't have a very good season, and a disappointing season from Ovie, the Caps find themselves up 3-2. Boston is a team that blew out teams every night during the season and had strong goaltending from Thomas/Rask. The Caps barely squeaked into the playoffs, as Buffalo almost overtook them.

3 v 6 Panthers vs. Devils

The Panthers aren't as good as they seem. They have NO playoff experience, having missed the playoffs for 10 straight years prior to this year, the Devils had been battling the teams in one of the strongest divisions in the league, and still managed to finish a respectable sixth. Yet, the Panthers have the upper hand on the Devils, as they are up 3-2

4 v 5 Penguins vs. Flyers

This is one of the BIGGEST upsets to me. The Pens come in with three first line centers centering the first, second, and third lines with Crosby, Malkin, and Staal. They played amazing even without Crosby and when Crosby finally got healthy they became unstoppable with a 10 game win streak. They have very good wingers to play with the star centers as well with Neal, Kunitz, and Sullivan. The Flyers have one of the leagues most improved players with Claude Giroux and the aging Jagr, but other than that, the Pens should be murdering the Flyers. Instead, they went down 3-0 and find themselves down 3-2 now

What do you guys think? I think these playoffs have been filled with so many surprises. Both 8 seeds and 1 7 seed has the upper hand now, and the two weak 3 seeds from weak divisions manage to have the upper hand on the 6 seed.

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You don't think Philly up 3-0 on Pitty was a pretty big upset, even though Philly won 5/6 against Pitty in the season?

I think Chicago is a pretty good team too, they should have been able to knock out Phoenix but instead they find themselves down in a hole

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I feel like you're undermining a few of those teams.

Florida has plenty of playoff experience with guys like Versteeg, Samuelsson, Campbell etc. and now that they're getting good goaltending I'm not surprised that they can beat a NJ team with no stars on their blueline, who are very thin up front apart from their top line.

Philadelphia has owned Pittsburgh all season long, winning the season series 4-2 so their lead doesn't surprise me. A 6 or 7 game series is about what I expected from those two.

I expected San Jose to bow out early and they did, they really don't have much going for them right now.

I expected Detroit to be swept by Nashville actually. Detroit had a horrible road record (well below .500) so starting on the road against probably the Cup favourites wasn't great. Then they lost some players to injury and Radulov's return has really sparked that team, so I'm not surprised at all by the early Detroit exit.

I actually called Boston to lose to Washington and Ottawa to beat NYR, but that was mostly based on the respective season series in which Washington and Ottawa both cruised to solid 3-1 victories. Boston just can't handle the Caps offensive stars which I expected (Washington is almost undefeated, 12-1-0 or something with Backstrom, Green, Ovechkin and Semin all in the lineup) and they're getting surprisingly good goaltending which is stonewalling a Boston offence that is finally getting exploited for what it really is.

Then on the flip side New York's terrible defence is finally getting exposed. They're full of young, inexperienced guys who aren't playing well and are leaving Lundqvist out to dry, but in the playoffs it looks like the offensive depth of the Senators is breaking him down.

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The biggest surprise to me (other than the fact that both Pittsburgh and Canucks are fighting to stay in the playoffs) would have to be Detroit being knocked out and Chicago being down. I thought both those teams would make it to the 2nd round.

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I can't get enough of the playoffs.

I'm watching all the other games during the day and staying up till the early hours watching the Canucks.

Tonight's game is a bonus for me here in Scotland. It's back to a 1.00 am face off (although it take another 20 mins before they actually face off) The last game I didn't bother going to bed until after 6.00 am The trouble with early hours face offs is that even after the game I'm so wound up, I usually don't get to sleep for another hour anyway. It's strange lying there watching the dawn come up and hearing the birds outside.

At least I'm retired. Goodness knows what my buildings would look like if I was still working.

Thats the playoffs for me.

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Staal really isn't a first line centre; neither is this year's Ryan Kesler... Pens -Flyers games are always even, so I wouldn't say that that is a huge superice...

The Preds have got two of the best d-men in the world, and a really good goalie. They've also got crazy power play. Their play is perfectly suited for the playoffs. The Wings are old, their dynasty is finally comming to a close...

The Devis aren't as good as they used to be: Brodeur isn't getting younger.

Vancouver came to the playoffs without their leading goal scorer, without a functioning power play. The Kings on the other hand had a really good second half of the season, especially after they got Carter...

That Ottawa is up against the Rangers is wired thou. So is that the defending champs are down against Washington. Everyone knows that Washington have had two really bad years thou, of they find their game they're gonna be a force!

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it is all heresy until the 1st round is over plenty of hockey to be played. Chicago is still in it, Boston, rangers, canucks, devils, and Pens are all in it still..

the only teams that made it to the second round are the Blues, and Nash... and i don't see how either is an upset.

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