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What Is One Thing The Canucks Should Not Do?



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obviously this thread is a little broad or undeveloped because you dont know if trading a certain player makes sense before you see the return in the trade but what is one thing you could see just blowing up in their face...

personally, i think they should look to trade luongo first before schneider. schneider calm demeanor is really vital in a canadain city...i think thats really important for a goalie playing in canada (a la price in mtl). luongo is a great goalie but he is erratic. he will have success in a city where hockey isnt a "religion".

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Do not trade the Sedins and Do not trade Schneider.

Sedins showed up. The best forwards on the team in the series (Hansen comes in second).

Schneider is younger than luongo and fully capable of being a starter on this team next year. Dont want to give him up.

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I would improve the team by trading Schneider. Luongo doesn't have as much value and this team needs another top 6 forward and a top 4 d-man......And a new coach.

P.S I think Luongo is more then capable of getting this team a Stanley Cup.

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Wow. AV is STAYING, did he not just pass Mark Crawford this year for most wins, in a much shorter time frame? Like common! AV can't control the players actions, he just creates the system, which is a VERY GOOD system if you ask me. The problem in my mind is the GM, if he wants to give this team a CHANCE at winning the cup, we need someone to help the second line (cough * Hodgson * cough). And since we don't have that someone right now, IMO we need:

- To go after someone like St. Louis, or Parise to solidify our top 6. Bottom six is great in my mind.

- Decide whether Ballard is staying or not (considering he is taking up a lot of cap space). If he's staying, give him the ice time he deserves. Pair him with Bieksa or Edler. If he isn't, trade him so we can sign a Top 4 defencemen.

- Sign Kassian to some sort of 2-way contract, and try him out during the pre-season. If he looks lost, put him in the minors for another year until he starts gaining consistency, than call him up every now and then.

- Decide which prospects we want to call up next season (ahead of time), and sign them to 2-way contracts accordingly.

- Resign Burrows and Edler!!! Do not let them walk MG! I swear to God!

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