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  1. Before, a fool could take to the town square, stand on an overturned box, and shout their rhetoric into the wind and be ignored (mostly) by the people around that fool. Eventually, the fool will either run out of breath, or be told in such a fashion that they are being foolish and 'probably' stop shouting it. They'll still hold onto it, but the door to alternative thought will be cracked. "Perhaps... there is more to this than I know". Critical thinking, albeit very slowly. With the echo chambers on the internet (take your pick), a fool has their box but is surrounded (eventually)
  2. Or maybe he's got his eyes on another franchise with a promising prospect that he'd like to take a stab at. Like a guy with shattered confidence but clearly has the tools to get better. Like Carter Hart. Or somebody unknown. I'd find it difficult to imagine he wouldn't get offered a deal, but he might just want a new/different challenge somewhere else regardless of what is on the table. Some people live for the challenge because they're set 'enough' by whatever they get... it won't be "poor house" money anyway.
  3. And add that it's actually Demko at 1x1 and then 5x5 rather than Markstrom at 6x6. Can't forget about what we already had 'over the same period'. For a better goalie imo. Benning getting it done. Fair term, fair team building deal. And still Loui Eriksson remains our highest paid player in cap hit
  4. Nobody ever does. If he doesn't have "already" world beating goaltending he's a decidedly average coach. I've said that for years, hell, I had a picture comparing Vigneaut to the scarecrow (no brain) in Wizard of Oz as my signature... but there's no end to the 'fans' who want him back just because he did "well" with a prime Roberto Luongo and then a prime Henrik Lundquist, still managing to not win with either team... and the Rags really should have won that year. As should the Canucks in theirs. BUT: Vigneault plays to not lose and never makes the bold move needed to win.
  5. Aside from Hoggy's goal, here is the replay from the rest of the game, from inside the mind of the coaches:
  6. The question is, in this case do you pull Demko to save him the shame of having that team in front of him, or leave him out there because pulling the tendy kind of unfairly puts it on him?
  7. Just came back, to say goodbye. Except he was also the cat. He came back, the very next day.
  8. Hey... hey now. We don't wanna run the risk of "running out of time" on that.
  9. I mostly want to hear from all the Newell Brown defenders from earlier this year. All the "But so good last year" people.
  10. He puts in the effort to GET the 2 on 1. I really like what I see so far.
  11. Bring on the Eriksson! For our giggles, when he was in the lineup we were winning. Which really annoys me. Maybe he's a secret 'glue guy' in disguise, and his 6 million uhu sticks hold the team together?
  12. Vesey makes like 1m a season though. I'm cool with that. Hustle guys who are cheap AND HUSTLE always have a place on the 4th line. They won't hurt you... and eventually will chip in something.
  13. If they all keep doing that eventually that .5" will go the right way. Happens a lot when guys are looking for the perfect shot to beat the goalie clean. Yeah there's space 'somewhere' usually, but it's gotta be so perfect to hit it. Forgive him on this instance though. We did our best when we had somebody in front (usually Miller or Motte) and somebody posting a shot from the side of the slot low and hard for the rebound or the tip. Or the Dman, same shot. It's simple and boring and never ends up on a highlight reel unless it's a Pavelski-esque tip b
  14. It's a system that assumes you'll lose possession and count on the other team making a mistake to give it back, and won't pressure you in the zone. Against passive 'pass' teams it works okay. IE if we play the Ottawas, we can beat them 'at our own system'. No team has ever won anything playing passive hockey. Playing to not lose. To win, you must want to win and put the effort in to do so.
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