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  1. F. Considerations was a Jersey I was planning to get this year too. Future all-star just THROWN away.
  2. I hate everyone who disagrees with me because they are inherently wrong. And I hate everyone who does things I think are stupid. And minivan drivers, I really hate those. Oh and anyone still driving a Toyota Echo. Seriously, watch next time you're on the road - 95% of all 'strange incidents' or 'deviations from normal and tollerable behaviour' are minivans and Toyota Echos. You watch. I think that covers... everything.
  3. Context is everything. Most 'advanced' stats fail to take context properly into account; the best they can do is "fuzz them" based on averages and such from other plays/players/situations, etc. They're baseball stats and ultimately fail upon situational awareness: The puck was not in this exact spot, the defenceman was not in that exact spot, the temperature of the ice was not exactly the same, the players' tiredness, roster makeup, defensive strategy are all not "the same" as any other time. Which is why analytics are a component of a tool, and should be regarded as nothing more.
  4. Critical Opinion /=/ Disagree with everything one does, all the time. That's just being contrarian. Worse are the ones who 'hope' for failure just to prove 'themselves' some sort of internet big brain. There are enough on this board to almost think we're HFboards, although nobody will top that level of uninformed arrogance. That's more where I'm going. Particularly the ones condemning the OEL trade before the guy has even suited up in a jersey, much less practice or a game. Or the ones who did the full chicken little over trading the pick for Miller.
  5. We should have a list of people who aren't allowed to hop on the bandwagon when the team starts winning 'in spite' of OMG MUH CAP SPACE. Like Sorry Bruh, bandwagon's full. Seattle is down south if you want to whine about a team that sucks.
  6. So that's right on the nose for what I said. OEL is a 7m defenceman. Jim pulled off a good hockey deal today if that's "it" - no prospects, just used-up "people" and a 'late early' pick for Garland who is a great young player and a very, very solid D-man.
  7. This is the case on both. He's a smart d-man but he *needs* wingers to pass to to look good. He's not a "Hughes-like" play driver, but rather a "settles the zone" while chipping in offensively. The first pass is a good one as long as the forwards aren't hot garbage. Think of him more like Ohlund the way he plays. Ohlund looked kinda like crap until the WCE showed up and he got to play with some decent players, then it was all systems go. OEL plays the same deal. Hopefully he's got the drive to win and it hasn't been Arizona'd out of him.
  8. Where are you people getting "8m at 39"? His contract expires when he turns 36. So to answer your question, no, he won't be playing at 8m when 39. But he'll also be 3 years removed from the contract so it doesn't matter.
  9. I don't agree with Frank. OEL is better than 'that' - he's a 6.5-7m defender "normally" and usually steady. Overpaid by the usual Jim Million, but only one guy this time rather than 4 guys overpaid by the Jim Million (Sutter's out too). He's not Loui. I think we're all jaded by the high/long contracts that Jim has signed rather than by players themselves. OEL will surprise in a good way. I've been to a few Arizona games (not last year obviously) while vacationing down there and his biggest issue is that he had nobody to pass to.
  10. So... potentials; OEL in Garland in Possibles Out: Ferland (LTIR/Insured contract allowing for easy cap floorage with no salary?) Eriksson (...maybe?) Virtanen (...? 10 foot pole? Arizona might not want that given the draft thing...) Schmidt (?) 1Rd almost assuredly One of the "B" prospects? I dunno. I'm terrified but also... not. I wonder if it's a deal hinging on the draft itself; IE if Jim's got a player he WANTS but is unlikely to fall to 9 but does, then it falls out. Otherwise he pulls the trigger. It's all about
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