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  1. Yes to Clark, no to everybody else. If Green can't either fix what his assistants are screwing up, or recognize that they're screwing it up at all, then it's on him. Beginning of the year I was still Yes Green. Now I'm not. And the covid record has nothing to do with it, it's the manner of play and our lack of improvement in the same areas game in, game out, hell even play in, play out. Maybe he's a good coach, but I think his time here is done and we need a new voice. "Time expired" as it were.
  2. Play the kids. Hopefully Eddie can get 100. I'd go crazy on the powerplay now. 2-D formation, classic shoot-first style just to see if Eddie can get his 100th. Not like it matters... clapper from the point with traffic in front.
  3. I apologize for making a bit of an assumption on the age, but deriving on the meme, I'm assuming 'the 70s'. As for what to be embarrassed about... Cool Cars Hot Fashion And "Brown and pee" Home Decor The music... lol. The good stuff was legendary. The "pop" music from the 70s......... yikes. I grew up being forced to listen to LP's of that rubbish. Thank goodness I was also saved by the LP's of the good stuff. The 70s was home to the highest highs and the almost lowest lows (nothing tops the 80s f
  4. So everybody gets drunk and goes to the tailgates instead, and the 5-6 keeners on every team who nobody likes anyway because they take it too seriously just play with each other?
  5. Oh, that's what it was. I was already in Jim Mora mode, so I didn't actually notice.
  6. The graphic is interesting... apparently both teams lost last night
  7. Non star player offense. And a Canuck. Surprised it wasn't a lifetime ban.
  8. My only issue with the losing is the 'nature' of the losing. Yes, outbreak, and yes, we weren't particularly good even before it. But the exact same mistakes are being made game in, game out. Our special teams is atrocious and the structure isn't sound. There's insufficient pushback physically even when "we are losing" - if it's a quasi playoff series and you're getting bounced in a game, make the other team *feel* it, so next time you play they've got their heads up a bit more rather than just walk you consistently. This Canucks team is not fast, not physical, not sma
  9. It kind of ties in with defense in general. Green was asked about the team playing 'defense' and he was non committal about it.
  10. I've changed my mind. I'm okay with giving green another couple years. As long as the PP / Defence coaching is changed. Whatever systems are in place are not effective. If it's all the same, throw it all out. Except Clark.
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