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  1. Canuck shooters make sure that the opposition goalies have the quickest chests in the league. Often no traffic in front, no garbage collectors. Lots of outside shots with clear sight to shooter / puck. That sort of **** makes beer league goalies look good. So literally the opposite of what the Canucks do on defence to the other teams shooters.
  2. It's a complicated issue with an easy separation. Making fun of someone in an inclusive way is, in my opinion, the ticket to killing sexism/racism (and all the other isms). If a black dude wants to make fun of a white guy for something 'a white guy does', and is *clearly* doing so to get a laugh and not to degrade the guy or 'all white people', I don't see the problem. So say the joke is something about cargo shorts, new balance sneakers and suburban dads. It's a super easy target for 'middle age white guy', because A) You'll get my new balances from my cold dead hands because they're the only shoes that fit and last longer than 5 months on my big feet and 2) My cargo shorts simply have enough pockets for what I need to carry. It's just a generalization, and like most generalizations there's a nugget of truth. See also, rice, watermelon, cheapness, chicken, crap teeth, and so on. I'm sure most of you can associate one or more of those things to a 'group' or 'person' you know. The KEY point being lost amongst all of this moral outrage is: It doesn't make me as a white dude any better or worse than "you" because I wear new balances and cargo shorts. Just like it doesn't make an Asian/Black/Latin/SpaceAlien any better or worse as people than anybody else for anything 'they' like to do. The stereotype is that Asians tend to eat a lot of rice. The only thing that means is... they eat a lot of rice. Now there are jokes to be had in that material, but there's nothing there (to me, anyway) that says anything other than 'they eat rice'. Eating rice doesn't make East Asians better at math, or Indians better at piling on moving locomotives... it just means they eat rice. The issue is when people invoke the generalizations to make wide-swath racist remarks; "Those rice/cotton/(whatever) picking/eating/(etc) blank do blank"- that's not a joke. That's belittling a group on a generalization. If a black guy says "white people are racist greedy new balance wearing, cargo short buying dicks"... that certainly isn't a joke - that's what needs to die. You can cross out black and white and write anything in there, and it's still all-too common. If something is meant out of hostility, belittlement or derision and not 'out of love and inclusiveness', that's where the line must be drawn. Unfortunately, that requires critical thinking and logic skills, not the current state of "zero tolerance because that's just easier than thinking" found so widely these days. If Dave Chapelle wants to make fun of me because it'll get a laugh, power to him - as long as I'm "allowed to not take it personally" and have the freedom to make a joke about him as well. His joke would almost certainly be funnier, not because his would be a "black on white" joke and mine would be the inverse, currently taboo "white on black" joke, but because he's a hilarious professional comic and I'm not. In closing, understand each other, make jokes, and ultimately realize everybody is on this same rock together. I wish everyone 'got' that skin colour / location & status of reproductive bits / shoe brand preference / traditional Friday night meal / dental visits don't inherently make any person better or worse than anybody else at anything. It just means I'm a white man who wears new balance shoes, eats Pizza Hut because there's no Dominoes, and sees a dentist twice a year.
  3. I'm offended by political correctness. Where is my walkout, settlement and apology?
  4. It's "25%" of the season, rounded. 41 would be 'half' the season (82 games), so he loses a quarter of the year.
  5. He's also not putting in effort in these games. Right at the moment he's where plays go to die, which is not good.
  6. I don't mind him. He's in radio mode where 'silence is deadly' rather than TV where 'words can be death'. See; Mcgoof, Pierre, 'Can you believe what we just saw?' "I can, it all starts...". If he adjusts to that TV environment, he's fine. The colour is suppose to 'support' the PBP guy - IE give him a 'break' from talking by filling the space with interesting things happening in the game. Right now Hirschy is broadcasting like a fan, rather than a broadcaster. Which is perfect for 'radio', but less so for TV. Cheech has done it for years, which is why it flows, particularly when he and shorty disagree on stuff haha. If I had one 'pro tip' for Hirschy as somebody who also uses a mic a lot (and his producer *really* should have picked it up and corrected it) - he needs to adjust the mic positioning. He pops way, way too much in speech. It's a straight up technical problem that influences the quality of the broadcast. The content is a little too casual, but he's not bad. Shorty carries him a bit at this point, but I'm hopeful he'll get there - he's a good guy and definitely has it, but the chemistry isn't quiiiite there yet.
  7. What I liked: Myers running the sweet pick for Podz goal... our Giraffe basically tying up two guys in the slot leaving the lane wide open for the clean shot snipe. Love to see it. Winning is nice. Shooting on net results in weird goals. It happens sometimes, and the more you do it, the more it happens. No play? Put it on net anyway, buy the ticket. Canucks didn't fold after a bad luck goal. What I didn't like: Defence way, way too passive at times. Nobody forcing the carrier into making mistakes. It's not beer league where you can count on the bad players to duff passes all on their own. Key faceoff losses - win 20 faceoffs when they dont 'really' matter, lose two when they really, really do. We tend to do that a lot. Nerves? No idea. Definitely road rust to start the game. Hope that shakes off in time for the next one. What was alright: My dinner. It was a rice, beef and cheese burrito, and it wasn't magnificent, but it wasn't bad either. I'd classify it as definitely 'alright'. Would be better spicier.
  8. The guy it wasn't *most* was Myers. Pettersson is the one I find fault most, you never leave your guy unattended in front of the net. Chaisson did bone his coverage so shares blame, but a guy coming in with the puck outside is far less dangerous than a guy by himself in front of the goalie... with the puck.
  9. Atta boy Ekman-Larsson. Hey, I have a PP idea. Put a guy where Nugent Hopkins was to do that tip intentionally. It'd be more effective than whatever PP1 is doing.
  10. So Garland is a right handed shot. He's got hands, wheels, and a decent one-timer instinct. Why is he not on the left side? Why the **** is Chaisson there instead?
  11. Why is it so difficult to have off-hand wingers on the dots on the powerplay and just rip it? The best goal scorer in the NHL has a spot. It's worked pretty consistently for almost 20 years. There's no shame in trying to copy it even if the shooters aren't quite Ovechkin. But no. Forcing a play down low and into 4 sticks all the time. Canucks force force force all the time, but with nothing behind it. Hot air forcing.
  12. And consistent with playing a bunch of AHLers in the tuneup games for way too long rather than letting the main team gel.
  13. So clean hit, gets jumped. Oiler should get instigator and resulting a PP for the Canucks. Will that happen?
  14. Entirely true. Doubly so since Petey actually did have him tied up at the beginning of the play, but left to challenge behind the net.
  15. Except it wasn't Myers fault, he was covering the back door (as he should be). Pettersson left his guy to attack behind the net.
  16. Petey looks like a guy who missed training camp out there. Caught swimming, lost his guy, puck in the net. Lots of bobbles, baaad stick handle in the zone leading up to that goal. Lammikko and Hogs look like they gelled quick. So I imagine Green will break that up as soon as possible, can't have guys with jam out there.
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