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  1. Focus? Defence. We have the goalie and the pipeline therein. The forwards should be able to sort themselves out. We will never go anywhere without a solid and competent D-corps. Puck retrieval, physical and capable of puck moving are hallmarks to it. Hughes is a 'specialist' D-man - he's offensive. He requires backup, this past year proved that; he's not the next coming of Neidermayer (who, ironically, had two of the best defencemen in the game beside him for most of his career in Stevens and later Pronger) so use him for where his skill is. If our defe
  2. Particularly when it's the same dead horse hurr durr max max deal "joke" or "fun", as though it's original.
  3. Greatness is truly achieved with a mustache. Dave Babych: Duster Lanny McDonald: You better believe it: Bill McCreary (the ref): A duster great enough to impose its own gravity well: Wendel Clark: As one un-mustached Bob Cole would say "Ohhhh Baby!"
  4. Lots of people are going to be eating crow. "He's not that good!" and so on. The Rangers just got a whole lot better. Whether he's "hard to work with" at a managerial level or not is something else entirely, but as far as on-ice coaching goes the Rangers got a whole lot more dangerous over there.
  5. I cheer for: Vancouver Columbus Washington I cheer against: Toronto Edmonton Calgary Toronto Edmonton Toronto Boston Las Vegas Any team that gets *all* the breaks just because NHL. See: Boston, Las Vegas, Tampa and their cap cheating. Toronto. And Toronto. I don't care about: The rest. Like in these playoffs, I'm currently cheering for the Islanders and the Habs to an extent but mostly the Islanders.
  6. If Savard takes a 2 or 3 year deal for "Chris Tanev" Money, that's worth jumping on. The other two I'm not as concerned with. Our forwards (if they "let the kids play") should be good enough; they are hamstrung by their reliance on scrambling all over the defensive zone and poor breakouts as a result. If our defensive structures improve along with a "better" replacement for Edler (Which Savard absolutely would be), I think we'd be a vastly improved team. After the initial "wow we suck" phase at the start of the season wore off after getting scored on 4-10 ti
  7. Shaw is their "defenceman" Ian Clark. Big fan of Shaw. Lesser fan of Torts (he got a raw deal here but he was also done in CBJ) and ... Not a fan of Big lARSEn. If the team let him do his thing here, our system issue will be rectified. I'm a little worried about D-injuries since he relies on a more active and physical defence in the lanes rather than the challenge type that lets [poopy] shots through, but... we'll see what he comes up with. Could be a product of what he was working with there.
  8. I'm also a CBJ fan. Because I like hurting myself. To "us Canuck fans", this would be like Newell Brown or Nolan Baumgartner being promoted to head coach. A guy they've been screaming to offload... goes up the ladder. So yeah. Good times. Great.
  9. And it helps the other guys in the organization too - Shaw's been around and clearly has the talent. If there are things Green or Baumer pick up coming or going it helps.
  10. All of the above are to what I refer. And more. Paypal is absolutely awful. It's a shame they are so widespread.
  11. And for people stumbling into this thread... if you have a Paypal account linked to a bank account, give those ol Paypal Terms and Conditions a read. If you still have a linked Paypal account after reading them, read them again, but slower. If you *still* have a Paypal account linked to a bank account after that... well... don't complain when it happens to you.
  12. I don't like it, it's a "Leafs move". There's a reason that no team has won the cup with a 10M+ player even yeeaaarsss after having them. I think Price is the first one to advance in many years. Tying too much into one guy is not worth it, no matter how good they are. Exhibit: Connor f**king McDavid. Aggressive is good... knowing when it's time to cut bait and move on from guys. Blowing the bank on big free agents (Restricted or otherwise) is not aggressive imo, it's foolish. The best teams build from within and then add a supplementary piece or two from another team wh
  13. Take it seriously and be prepared for a lot of wasted time and 'rejection' - but it's a numbers game anyway so even if you roll "through" 1000 or 10,000 or 1,000,000 people to find your 1, you've still won in the end because you've found him/her. Manage expectations, dodge the fakes and be genuine and serious about it. It's pretty quickly apparent when one is not.
  14. Quite. The group of Elk is... Elk. Look at that Elk over there. Those Elk are a pain in the ass, eating from my garden. It'd be like somebody saying the "Frankfurt Fishes" rather than "Frankfurt Fish"
  15. Them and the Oilers. Tie it all up in two guys, lose. Nate MacKinnon in Colorado is on a team friendly deal (and lets be honest, it's not hurting him either) and as a result they have... more than one line. I'll be shocked if they don't win it, but I don't see anybody in "the west" who is going to stop that juggernaut. Sakic's built a hell of a powerhouse.
  16. One Loui Eriksson plus one Jake Virtanen. Those two for One, no salary retained. That's about the only way I'd say "meh why not".
  17. I'm just sad you beat me to posting this lol.
  18. Anybody at 3 or less in cap it's probably "better" to just bury them in the minors. Holtby would be the only one even remotely 'in the zone' for a buyout, but we come back to the actual problem at hand - "what do we need the cap space for?" As you point out, we still need "a" backup, and Holtby showed he can do that job, albeit at a very expensive rate, but he's insurance. In a longer season, getting reliable 1b goaltending means Demko isn't as thrashed going into the playoffs - I remember the heady days of Luongo and (blank) where (blank) was a warm body who wore pads. As a result, Luongo was
  19. For me it's "losing the right way". A team phoning it in (like the Oilers in McDavid and prior years) is not even fun to watch. They just suck. BUT, a team that loses a lot, but is 'always in it' because they are doing the right things generates excitement. Our worst games in the past few years were when guys weren't doing "anything" to generate the game. It's like one or two (usually Hoglander) wanted to be there and everybody else couldn't be bothered for a few days. It isn't fun watching that kind of tire fire. Watching vets get ice they don't deserve, doing n
  20. Travis Green: "Hey Sekeras, do you feel like a jackass now, framing all those questions like I was guaranteed gone?" I doubt that comes out but... yeah... you know somebody wants to say it.
  21. It's the "hurr durr I'm the only woke one" 'feel' of the posts that gets irritating. Just like that ridiculous 'cap hit' copy paste of a couple months ago. Spamming a bad take repeatedly doesn't make it any less bad. But I suppose there was a buffoon running the media cycle for 4 years down south who did exactly that, so naturally there are some emulators out there.
  22. Scenes when Ottawa gets it from the position we'd have held if not for "tankathon" lol
  23. Stockholm Syndrome is real. He's never had anybody else in the pro leagues... so yeah. Maybe they're nice guys, but they aren't helping you play defense.
  24. If you'd have told me two years ago that the Canucks were going to be playing their final game of the season in Mid-late May I'd have said "that's seriously optimistic". Here we are, the Canucks played their final game of the season in mid-late May. I dunno, that sounds pretty successful to me.
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