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We All Know Nashville Is A Classy Team, But This Article Proves It


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The Detroit Red Wings don't want captain Nicklas Lidstrom to retire. Neither does the coach of the team that eliminated him from the postseason.

Lidstrom on Tuesday confirmed that Nashville Predators coach Barry Trotz said "Please don't retire," to him in the handshake line when Nashville beat Detroit on April 20.

Lidstrom, a four-time Stanley Cup champion and seven-time Norris Trophy winner, turns 42 this month. He has said that he hopes to decide on whether to return for a 21st NHL season before free agency begins on July 1.

"You have to be motivated," Lidstrom said. "You have to have the drive and that's something I will think about."

Lidstrom played in 70 games, missing more time because of injury than he ever has in his career.

The Red Wings got knocked in the opening round for the first time since 2006 and haven't gotten past the second round since 2009 when they were defending champions and lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

At least two of Lidstrom's teammates and fellow Swedes, Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall, acknowledge the lobbying efforts to get him to return have begun.

"Like we've been doing the last two three years, we're trying," Zetterberg said. "I think everyone is, but once again, it will come down to a decision with his family."

The Red Wings are hoping to make a splash this summer in free agency. Kronwall hopes they accomplish the goal by using some of their ample cap space to bring in Ryan Suter and Zach Parise if they chose not to re-sign with their teams

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Please don't retire... and sign in Nashville!!

Seriously though Nashville has always been classy, always looking to become the best and to become the best you have to continue to beat the best. And Lidstrom is still one of the best in the league

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I don't know if I'd consider that "proof" of the organization's class any more thasn I'd consider Weber's WWE move proof of the opposite, but it was a nice gesture by Trotz.

I'm on the Preds bandwagon, now that the 'Nucks are out. (even though it's very tough to cheer for Radulov...)

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How do you not like Trotz?

It's like last year with his comments on Kesler.

I think Nash will advance to the finals. I'd take St.Louis over Nash in a first round match-up, but I think that by the time each team is done with the second round Nashville will be the healthier of the two.

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I can't find myself ever despising the Preds, even as rivals.

Some years I get a sour feeling when other teams hoist the cup, even if Canucks didn't stand a chance that year. But quite honestly, I don't see myself feeling that way if the Preds were to hoist the cup.

If they do, it's more of a pat-them-on-the-back type of feeling for a well-deserved cup.

...psh what am I even rambling about...post-elimination syndrome :(

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