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Av's Ufa, Rfa, And Player Movement Prediction Game


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I made one of these last year but it got moved and I could never find it. Barring it gets moved again this year, I'm hoping we start up a fun game with many participating users.


Fairly simple and self-explanatory. Simply state ANY upcoming UFA, RFA, or even an under-contract player that's rumored to be moved and predict which team they will end up at. These players can be from ANY team in the league. If correct, you will be awarded points for doing so. You will receive additional points for correctly stating the term of the deal, the cap-hit of the deal, or in the case of the under-contract player, the return of the deal.

I'm hoping to formally start tallying points on June 22, 2012 as it's a prime date for player movement(rights and all that) to be shipped out. A lot more extensions happen that week as well. This will probably go until mid-August when most RFA deals are completed and done with.

While I don't encourage predictions just yet, feel free to do so anyway at your own discretion. Please note that once you have predicted for a certain player, you may NOT do so again. This is to make sure that no cheating can be done and that we can maintain a fair game for everybody involved.

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Note to all users: Please know that it can be ANY upcoming FA, RFA, or player. This means Suter, Parise, Weber, Lidstrom, Roy, etc.

And in order to receive more points, be specific. While a player may be trade for picks, I'll award bonus points if you specific which year and what rounds.

This info will be added to the spoiler.

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Can't seem to add a poll to the OP but I'll just post it here:

Are you guys in favour of selecting your own players to predict or would you prefer I give a list of players for each day/week(I haven't decided yet)?

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