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Nyr/njd - Game 5 - Callahan's Deflection Goal

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Anybody else consider this goal very similiar to the disallowed Daniel Sedin goal in the opening round series from two years' ago with LA ?

Circumstances are very similiar:

- player's stick is out of play

- player glides foot into a stopping motion

- player seem aware of where puck is and what they are doing

The video of the two plays seem very similiar but

the analysis below says that Callahan's was a 'deflection' and therefore a good goal, while Sedin's had a "non-distinct" but a visible kicking motion and therefore not a 'deflection'

Anyone else's thoughts?

Kerry Fraser on why Callahan's goal is good:


Mike Murphy explains Van disallowed goal:

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They are similar, and I see where your coming from on this one. This is just another example of the inconsistency of the NHL officiating and war room. Given this is a couple years difference.... but yea, imo both goals should have counted.

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