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Which Leaf defenseman do we want ?


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I really don't want Luongo to get traded because he is an elite goalie and we're lucky to have him, but if he wants to get traded then I'd like to get BC's Cody Franson, and Saskatoon's Luke Schenn in return. At 6'5 Cody Franson gives us that big D-man that won't be pushed around by other forwards, and he also has a rocket of a shot. Mr. Schenn brings that bad attitude, grit, and intimidation factor that our D-core has been lacking.

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Gardiner is a slightly better Tanev (better offensively and worse defensively), so why give a big asset up for him.

Schenn is overpaid bigtime for what he brings. I would like Schenn at $2.5 million max as a 3rd pairing guy who throws the body around, but he would have to be paired with someone who can drop the gloves as he is a terrible fighter when forced to back up his play.

Komisarek.... if they wanted to trade Ballard I suppose we could switch bad contracts... he does bring more what we need in the 6/7 spot than Ballard. Not what I would hope for as improvement though, I would much rather ditch Ballard's contract and get another top 4 guy in a package.

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Hey Hey now, why the care bear stare? Relax, it's just my opinion

I hope some GM's watch Luongo play while blindfolded like all of the CDC Luongo Worshipers do.

A return like you purpose would happen will end Burke's Career and get Gillis a bronzed statue outside rogers arena.

That Would be awesome.

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