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[Signing] Flames Re-Sign Cory Sarich

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Wow - the Calgary reruns - V 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 - no real upgrades or updates - same crashing program.

Even if they manage to move Bouwmeester, they're still making bad moves on the other hand - who knows what they'd do with the cap space they cleared...go after Heatley? :lol:

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it doesnt matter, this team needs to rebuild and they are just prolonging the inevitable....what are they gonna do if iggy moves on after this year?!?!?! there is no back up plan or a new wave of reinforcements in the oven...he is "it" after him there is nothing

they are gonna place between 9-12 again and get a mid level pick and just go round and round until someone does something drastic

you cant tell me that trading iggy, kipper, bouwmeester etc...getting picks and prospects and drafting mackinnon, wouldnt be better for the franchise and the future of the team???

you dont want to have one bad stretch in the franchise for a franchise player???

mackinnon would breathe new life throughout the city, teams and fans....and give them hope

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