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U2 - Truly Ours

Herberts Vasiljevs

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I'm all for "Elevation"! Rockin', good tune! Saw them in Edmonton last year and they are still a great live band. Hope they put out something new soon.

"Goal Songs" and "Entrance Music" are all part of the entertainment package at a NHL hockey game. Not everyone is overly concerned with either, but, if the music blows, people's evening is affected. I've always said, "Who gives a flying'-fling-flang-jang about what music is played at games", but, it really does make a difference.

I play in a band and I am 45 years old. I grew up in the '80's and I love '70's, '80's and '90's music because that's the music of my youth. If our band played this stuff all the time, we'd never get a gig because the people who go to clubs are mainly 19-35-ish. They want to hear music that is meaningful top them, so, we play it.

DJ Dave is in the same boat. It's hard to make everyone happy all of the time. I think he does a pretty good job.

With that said, I'd absolutely love to bring back "Elevation" as the goal song and I would also love to continue using "Streets..." as the entrance music. Both tunes make the hair on my arms stand up!


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We need good pump up music and I'm not so sure U2 provides that. I'm thinking something along the lines of metal. I think Carolina uses Metallica's Seek and Destroy as their intro. They have the right idea.

But really, I just wish DJs all around the league would stop playing Machinehead, and whatever that gawdawful song is that Boston used as their goal song.

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