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Muslim and Jewish groups denounce German circumcision ruling

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Religion and social norms seem to be the leading reasons it seems.

It's not about what I like and what I don't like....it has to do with putting a baby through an unnecessary surgery, when it's been shown and common knowledge in the medical community that it's unnecessary.

The parents who dismiss the knowledge from the medical and research community in order to serve their religious dogmas or for aesthetic purposes, are very much willfully ignoring sound expert knowledge, or they simply don't bother to pay attention to the evidence or the reasoning behind not circumcising their children, whether male or female, then that is the very definition of the word ignorance.

If your reasoning is based solely on religious grounds...then say so....but don't try to mask your personal decision in the past or the decisions of parents today as being a medically necessary one.

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How is speaking out against male child abuse considerd innapropriate Hockyville 88? If you didn't notice 100% of the players in the NHL are men, so how are you to judge anything to do with men, espescially circumcision???

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You sound no different than circumcision propaganda I grew up with. It's funny how eerily similar you sound. Whatever people believe personally I don't care, it's the parental interference I'm taking issue with.

Male circumcision is not harmful to a male boy unless incorrectly done. Female circumcision automatically removes at minimum some of at least one organ that is the main part of female sexual pleasure, not merely the skin. It's more aptly comparable to removal of some of the glans. It's hilarious how much one ignores here as part of their agenda to tell parents how to be parents.

I'm married to a nurse who also specialises in paediatrics, why would I need to "look it up"? I don't have an axe to grind in this debate.

I don't need "reasons" to circumcise my boys because I chose not to. Surprise! I'm just tired of this type of parental interference this camp is espousing and it has little reason to do with medical health, it's about, as George Carlin says, "???? with people" and seeing how far you can go to make parental decisions for others.

Funny how when anatomically defining these circumstances now it's a piece of flesh, while talking about removal of a boy's foreskin in circumcision, it's mutilation. I've already explained how they are different in execution with which parts are removed, you just asked a question the post you quoted answered, so I doubt you have any vested interest in educating yourself.

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How about removing skin from a leg? Arm? Buttock? Why is it so acceptable to take "merely the skin" from a penis?

Not all female circumcision is the same. It's too bad there's not much else to cut off on a penis, otherwise I bet it would be gone too.

What is hilarious is how much you focus on the physical differences and disregard all other aspects associated with the practices. Physical and mental trauma to the child? Check. Life-long changes in the function of a sex organ? Check. Violated bodily integrity? Check. Same sexual organs mutilated? Not a check. Show's over, go home everyone.

Male circumcision is harmful, even when done correctly. At best, it is completely unnecessary and at worst it ruins their sex life before they say their first word. Why? Because the parents liked the look?

This isn't about parental influence. What the hell are you talking about? You think I want parents to have less control over how they raise their children? All because all I don't want them doing is cutting their penises for arbitrary reasons? Really?

It is a piece of flesh and cutting it is mutilation. Where's the confusion?

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None of those are considering removing parts of the body?

Regular babies are not born needing any of those things done to their body either.

I don't know how those things even compare?

And I'm fairly sure that breast implants are not done as a medical necessity and that god would not want you to have them...

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