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[Proposal] Raymond to Pittsburgh

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Mason Raymond for Tyler Kennedy anyone?

Both struggling players that are coming off bad seasons. Both had career years a couple of years ago and have failed to repeat that success for various reasons.

Raymond does not fit anywhere in our top 9. He doesn't mesh well with Kesler on the 2nd line and doesn't fit on our third line with Hansen and Higgins. On Pittsburgh he would get to play with Crosby or Malkin seeing as how they need wingers, one to replace Sullivan from last year especially.

Kennedy would be a good fit with the Canucks. He is a good bottom 6 player and can play in the top 6 when necessary. He plays a gritty game unlike Raymond who is a perimeter player. Not only that, but he plays C and would look good on the third line with Hansen and Higgins. He also brings Cup experience to the line-up. The only flaw with Kennedy is that he doesn't PK, but neither did Raymond until AV made him and now he's pretty good at it.

Their cap hits are also pretty much a wash. Kennedy has one year left at 2M and Raymond has one year left at 2.275. The only difference is that Kennedy will be a RFA and Raymond a UFA.

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Booth - Kesler - UFA

Higgins - Kennedy - Hansen

Weise - Malhotra/Lapierre - Kassian

Pretty good if we can get a top 6 guy via free agency or trade

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I like Kennedy, but it's not really an improvement in Raymond. Kennedy isn't a center either and we could really use a center right now.

Maybe something like Raymond for Dustin Jeffrey and a pick? I think Jeffrey has talent and potential, he's just waiting to break out.

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kennedy had a lot of hype on him... i dunno that its really an upgrade - then again, he CANT be softer than raymond.

as much as i bash raymond on the boards and in RL, his speed will ALWAYS be a question mark. what i mean by that is, with the right guys playing with him, he COULD be a 30 goal scorer, or he COULD just skate real fast and give away the puck.. whatever happens with him, i think he would put up better numbers on another team - theres no room for him on our top 6, and he's too soft to play bottom 6

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Kennedy arguably has the worst mug in the league.

I wouldn't want to have to look at that face year round.

But seriously, he has more value than Raymond. He is capable of similar offensive numbers, plays with a lot more energy and grit, and is also better defensively. I think we would have to add another piece, like a 3rd, or one of our B-list prospects.

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