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the show off thread


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A certain topic in the off topic forum inspired me to create this thread but I wont say which one -_-

Bought a new house? New car? Or managed to finally get a girlfriend? You can use this thread to show off whatever it is that you're so proud of w/o having to subtly create a thread and get flamed.

And no, I didn't create this because I have something to show off :lol:

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Got a pic of me, Higgy, and Tanev in my room....think it was after game 2 or 5 of the SCF, they were both fking walking to a hotel or something and no one, I mean NO ONE, noticed them. I was all like 'wtf, is this real?'. Just walking casually after the game on the streets of Vancouver at the back of the stadium up a street - the one that comes up after you pass the tunnel bridge thingy - you know, where a bunch of lunatic Canucks fans were lol; wait, 'fans' lol! Said hey, didn't wanna make them feel awkward by going nuts, got a pic, and talked with them for 2 mins....said they wanted to see and feel the atmosphere outside...we wearing black suits and shades :P

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