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Kassian infront of the net either with the twins or Booth,and Kesler I think could do some damage. esp against teams like LA, Boston, Nashville that have great D and a great Goalie.

Maybe practice this all year and use it in the playoffs if it seems to work.

aslo wouldn't mind seeing a trial of Kassian ,Lappy ,Burrows on the third for a few games.

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It's kind of an unfortunate situation because Kassian would be far better off developing on the 3rd and 2nd lines, the problem is... he isn't really better than any of our 3rd or 2nd liners right now. Perhaps if someone slumps or gets injured he can play on those lines, but I see him sitting on the 4th this season.

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In my opinion he will get started on the second line. And be given some time.

- There is no way the play him on 4th line, he would get put in AHL and play first line instead.

- He is one of TWO right wingers that we have, the other being hansen who plays on the third line.

- Not good enough for first line yet, maybe gets a few shots during extraneous circumstances.

So by using powers of deduction we can then extrapolate that he will not play on the 1st 3rd or 4th lines.

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