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Most Beautiful Countries


Most Beautiful Countries  

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Regarding landscape, architecture etc. What do you think are the most beautiful countries in the world? Obviously every country holds some kind of beauty so you may pick multiple ones.

It's a very tough choice but I'll go with U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Nepal.

Pictures are encouraged if you want to share any. Being American I'll kick it off with some pics of why I think the U.S. is one of the most beautiful countries.

Mount Mckinley, Alaska


Crater Lake, Oregoncrater-lake-2.jpg

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


New York City, New York


South Beach, Florida


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Oh boy. I can't honestly answer this without bias. I haven't travelled to THAT many countries, but from one the ones I have it's a split between Canada (of course) and Scotland. I don't know what it is, but being in the countryside/nature of those two just feels...really good.

I'm sure it's the same with the States since Canada and the States often share similar landscapes.

Scotland: Super friendly people, steeped in so much rich history and culture, and absolutely gorgeous.

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I too haven't really travelled enough to answer that question well and have to admit basis for Canada, that being said I would vote for:

Canada, Switzerland, the US and Coasta Rica for natural beauty

Spain, France and the US for architecture

Those are only of the places I've actually been myself.  Of those places I've never been to but sounds nice from pictures, videos, etc...  New Zealand sounds like it would make the list for natural beauty and Thailand and Brazil for both natural beauty and architecture.Edit' I'll second the comment about how friendly the people in Scotland are, it's also a pretty beautiful place both architectually and naturally.

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There's so many beautiful places in the world it's impossible to narrow down to one single country. Canada/USA both have a lot of natural eye candy (rockies, grand canyon etc) but there's also places all over the world with beautiful mountains and/or architecture (Europe), tropical islands (South Asia) wild life (Africa), waterfalls, deserts, plains...

How the hell could you possibly pick ONE place?!

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I think that within Canada and the US there are loads of really nice places. It's difficult to pick "the most beautiful".

Scotland has some nice areas too. I don't think they're "stunning" though. I loved Bavaria in Germany. Pretty much my whole family are from Barra. It's really nice in the summer. Winter - not so much.




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Totally subjective, but the nicest places I've been to

Best City: Rome, hands down. Architecture, people, food, history, hotties....it has everything.

Country: Tough to say, top places I've been (but for very different reasons...) Estonia, Italy, Japan, France, Russia, Nepal & Cambodia.

Best trip: Living in Korea/Japan, taking the Trans-Siberian across Russia, hiking around the Annapurna mountains in Nepal.

Tough to include Canada/US cause we are in it all the time but obviously they are in the top of it all.

Worst City: Hong Kong. Hot, stinks, just a mess of buildings. Been there twice, hated it both times.

Worst Country: Tough to say for a whole country, but Greece was kind of a put off. Crete was ok, the rest of it, meh.

Worst Trip: England in the pouring rain for 3 weeks. I should have just stayed here!

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