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Plot to kill, castrate Justin Bieber foiled


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Plot to kill, castrate Justin Bieber foiled: U.S. report

APDecember 13, 2012true.gif

Two would-be assassins from New Mexico are being implicated in a bizarre plot to kill Canadian pop megastar Justin Bieber.

KRQE News 13 in Albuquerque, the state’s largest city, reported the alleged scheme Wednesday.

The television station said it was part of a plan to strangle the Ontario-born singer and three other people.

Detectives quoted by the station say Mark Staake, 41, and his nephew Tanner Ruane, 23, had begun hatching their plot at the state prison near Las Cruces.

In prison, Staake met Dana Martin, a convicted killer serving two life sentences for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl in Vermont in 2000.

Police say Martin recruited Staake, who in turn recruited his nephew, to carry out four murders when Staake was paroled from prison last month.

He gave orders to strangle the victims with a paisley tie — Martin’s calling card.

Ruane was to be in charge of castrating the victims.

Mastermind Martin, 45, told detectives that the sinister centrepiece of the plan was killing and castrating Bieber — and his bodyguard — following the teen’s concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The Canadian singer's management, asked to comment on the reports, released a statement saying only that they take "every precaution to protect and insure the safety of Justin and his fans."

KRQE News 13 reported that Martin is obsessed with the singer, who’s currently in the early stages of a huge world tour, and even has a tattoo of the Stratford superstar on his leg.

An affidavit from the New Mexico State Police says Staake believed he could track the star, whom they identify only as J.B., through the press and said Martin wanted the high-profile target dead so the convict would become more infamous from behind bars.

Staake and Ruane were caught in Vermont at a border crossing coming in from Canada, the Associated Press said. Police say they were lost and looking for directions but when border agents checked Staake’s details they discovered a warrant for his arrest.

After searching the men’s car, police say they found evidence of the men’s plan, including “murder tools” and names and addresses of the intended victims and their families.

Staake is now being extradited back to New Mexico; Martin is in isolation at the Las Cruces prison and will be sent back to Vermont.He is serving two consecutive life sentences. Police in Vermont think Martin may have been behind a string of disappearances.

Detectives recorded phone calls in which Ruane expresses his disappointment at the failure of the plot, which was mysteriously unravelled by Martin himself, the Albuquerque station said.

WPTZ.com in Burlington, Vt., said Ruane described how his role in the murders would to be castrate the victims with a pair of hedge clippers.

“I was going to go ‘Snip, Snip,’ ” said investigator Clinton Norris of the New Mexico state police, quoting a jailhouse recording of Ruane to Martin.


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I don't care what kind of crappy music he makes. That is still fricking disturbing.

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