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Ottawa is desperate for defence right now (Cowen and Lundin injured). We are desperate for a top 6 forward.

Seems like a decent trading partner. We could either do a real impact trade, or a more fringe trade.


To Van - Michalek

To Ott - Edler


To Van - one of Neil/Latendresse/O/Brien

To Ott - Ballard

Depending on the players involved you might need to add fringe elements to deal on either side. Neil and Latendresse just signed so are less likely to be traded.

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I kind of agree with I Got a Boy.

Edler is much more important for us than Michalek would be, no one would replace Edler's importance on the blueline, and unless we get a pretty decent defensmen I wouldn't move Ballard for more 3rd line guy's, maybe Smith because he is a center, but I doubt they trade any of those players for Ballard myself, and Ballard is great with Tanev and that makes our defense alot better. I don't see either working out.

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