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[Rumour/Signing] Jochen Hecht to Buffalo


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Six games, five goals and eight assists - the statistics of Jochen Hecht in his time with the Eagles was outstanding. Those responsible at the Buffalo Sabres did not go unnoticed. On Thursday during the day was the 35-year-old an offer to play in the NHL again. The Buffalo Sabres Jochen Hecht will have for the soon starting NHL season back in the squad. We met Jochen Hecht before departure nor an exclusive interview and talked with him about his new contract, a return to his family and his time in Mannheim.

Joe, congratulations on the new contract in the NHL with the Buffalo Sabres. We are obviously very pleased for you, even if we would have liked to see a lot more great games from you here in Mannheim. How did it happen so fast now to this agreement?

Contact with the Sabres existed since the beginning of the week and the talks were very positive from the start. Buffalo has shown great interest and great as it was of course obvious that I want to take this chance. I went there again prove what I can do and that I am fit. This is great, although I with one eye leaving the Eagles. It was really a very nice time here. probably has Jason Pominville, the Sabres captain, made ​​a lot of advertising in those responsible for you.Yeah, that I can also well imagine. We have played great together in Mannheim and know us so well for some years.He's a great guy and I'm sure that he has since filed a thing or good word for me. How much are you looking forward again to NHL ice hockey? I'm really looking forward, no question. The last season is anything but gone well for me. It is a great honor, where I've spent the last more than ten years to go back on the ice can. I also look forward to many friends that I have not seen some several months. Certainly your family was a key reason why you accepted the offer of the Sabres soon. Definitely! We live in Buffalo, and the message that I'm coming home was the greatest thing for my family. All are over the moon and it's nice for me to know that I have my family around me again soon. For my wife and my children the last few weeks were not always easy, so I am even happier that it worked with a contract with the Sabres. How does for you now is the schedule for the coming days? On Saturday I will return in the States, where fly on Sunday will start the training camp. There we will prepare specifically for the new season, which will start the week on it officially. It is now so rapid succession. What conclusions you draw from for the past few weeks with the eagles? It was a great time for me with the eagles. Otherwise I can not even describe it. I was able to make six games here and it was really great fun. I want to thank you on this journey again to all who have given me the opportunity to play here. The time has paid off very well for me, because I feel that I owe my new commitment to the NHL in large part to the games with the eagles. How nice it was for you after such a long time in front of their own fans here to play in Mannheim? It was indescribable. I still remember the first game here at the SAP Arena against Ingolstadt. That was pure goosebumps. It was a great feeling as warm and open me the Mannheim fans have welcomed. They also have the team and always supported me and celebrated. That was an impressive experience. Sporty ran it for you with the eagles really good. Were you surprised at how quickly you've found your way into the DEL again? Honestly, yes!After all, I had not played for a long time, and the league's total DEL really strong. But it was the first face-to right about.Maybe it was because I had done for almost a year no longer a game. The desire for hockey had increased this year from month to month more. Since it was almost at the end no matter how big the ice is or to whom I meet on the ice. I just wanted to play. dare you what the Eagles for the rest of the season because at yet? is in my view some of the eagles there. I wish the guys all the best anyway. They are a great force that still has a lot of potential. I think if all the boys are fit again, then here is a team on the ice, which is a say for the title of a due word. I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway and watch the season from Buffalo of course continue.

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The Buffalo Sabres are expected to announce the re-signing of unrestricted free agent forward Jochen Hecht shortly after the lockout officially ends.

The NHL and NHLPA agreed to terms on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement on Sunday, but the deal hasn't been signed yet.

Teams are allowed to begin negotiations with free agents and pending free agents, but signings cannot be official until the NHLPA ratifies the new CBA and they and the NHL signs the Memorandum of Understanding, which is expected to take place on Saturday. The NHL Board of Governors ratified the deal on Wednesday.

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