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Season ticket waiting list annual fee?


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I have been on the blue line waiting list for about 4 years now. Usually every October I would get an invoice for the annual fee to hold my spot. This year, I didn't get one (obviously due to the lockout). Just wondering if anyone knows if they are just waiving the fee this year or what? Also I never got an update as to what # I was. Did anyone else get an update with their new spot?

I wonder how the lockout is going to effect the waiting list, if many ticket holders will drop their tickets, etc.

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Looking on craigslist, it looks really rough this year for season ticket holders. Many of them are trying to sell tickets unsuccessfully below market value.

Also, I know many of the season ticket holders rely on the "premium" games from the Eastern Conference to subsidize their season tickets. E.g., people will sell off the big games (Pittsburgh, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York, etc.) for like 3 times face value, and then keep the cheaper games, getting them almost for free.

This year, however, there's no eastern conference games. So no big ticket sales, just crappy western conference games.

I am hoping this deteriorates moral and that we see a drop in season ticket holders this year. That would be good for people on the waiting list! Last lockout we saw this happen, and the waiting list became shorter.

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