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Everybody Loves Raymond (except Jim)...Merged

Bite me Burr

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It was in fact a contract year he did poorly wasn't it? He did in fact take a pay cut didn't he? It rather blows the "he only does well in contract years" theory. He played poorly in a contract year and took a pay cut as a result. That's the simple truth of it.

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Raymond who?

The guy who we will most likely lose for nothing? He makes the team better now and then? Niether.

There is no way you didn't see this coming guys.

The whole point here IS replacing him! At least we are doing something then rather than just knowing what we are getting in an uncomplementary forward for this roster, in Raymond.

Maroon was a suggestion. I didn't see yours though. Some guys really stick their neck out there, eh.

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Wow. You're unbelievable.

The only point I agree with you on is the external factors that play a role. I'll give you that. But you can't use injury as one of them. It is a players "job" to make sure they are 100 percent ready to go by training camp. Injuries usually occur early in the season because players are not in shape. Booth got injured the first day. Riddle me that. Booth's under achievement also dates back to when he was still a Panther. Why do you think they dumped him after that big contract? It was essentially a long term cap dump. Neither Sturm or Samuelsson are still on their roster. We have Booth for years.

Rick Nash at 7.8 million is one of the worst contracts in the league. He and Richards are partying it up probably. Oh yeah, Richards! Another guy who sold out and started to stink up the rink!

I could keep coming up with examples, but I'm pretty sure that could take all day. So I'm not going to.

As for what you quipped as an insult, I did not intend to insult the "Super Moderator". You see, in a nut shell she called my post "the dumbest thing ever". She actually insulted me first. So YOU are asking ME to apologize? She opened herself up to a reply. Get real buddy. We are all grown ups here. I don't think we need any manners police.

Seriously? You still would like Raymond on the team. That just shows how much credibility you have. LOL

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Look throughout the League. A countless amount of players start to stink once they get their big pay day, when the season before they were on fire. Coincidence?? Rick Nash? David Booth? Bieksa? Cammalleri? I could go on and on.

It is so ignorant and wrong to actually think that there isn't a correlation between contract years and "heart" or motivation. You need to get real. Players reach a point where they have played so much hockey where its only really the money that motivates them. I doubt Raymond is any different. This was Raymond's year to prove himself, and he actually put up decent numbers, at least decent enough to get him a 3mil+ contract for 3 years that he's always strived for. Once he gets that i'm sure he'll be back to the 35-40 point area. Then the third year will hit and he will have a break out year because he will have to play for another contract and prove that he earned it. Generally when you discuss a new deal, only the most recent year is dissected and analyzed. Sports are a business of "What have you done for me lately?". Get it?

First of all, knock off the insults. With a profile that reads "better than all y'all" I'm not buying it.

And most athletes live, breathe, eat and sleep their sport. Nothing wrong with stating that, as it's truth.

Try to post without being so abrasive. I addressed your post, not you...so try to keep it directed at content, not people.

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