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  1. I actually like that black/green combination for a jersey. Still hate the running man logo though. Doesn't matter what you put it on it still looks "peewee hockey logo" to me. Earlier I had suggested a black/blue gradient with green striping rather than the blue/green with white stripes. It would have been the gradient throwback with a nod to every jersey we've used. Blue/green of SiR and Orca and black for the V and skate. Then the Orca in the logo could have been it's natural black. That black/green would look really sharp with a black Orca though.
  2. All your taste is in your mouth as far as I'm concerned. I truly hope that running lumberjack is never used. It just screams "peewee hockey" to me. The original V was the laughing stock of the league and changing the colors doesn't really seem to help much. The Skate is better without the red/yellow but still doesn't look right to me. I think it's the green that doesn't really work in it. Maybe a solid colored boot would help and replace the green with black. I don't know, the skate was an interesting concept but never looked right to me. But at least it was interesting compared to the utterly bland and boring SiR. They tried updating it but all they really accomplished was not as bland. Like what you want tiger. Nobody is forcing you to buy the Orca. It just comes across as whining you didn't get what you wanted from Santa every year. Maybe there's a reason you get a lump of Orca year after year.
  3. I agree with you. Although I'd go with Bourque. Loved both Bourque and Potvin but having watched both when playing in Vancouver Bourque really blew me away a little more. As to Hughes versus Dahlin, I don't really care. Both are going to be elite d-men in this league for years to come. Much like Bourque versus Potvin, I'm absolutely thrilled to have one of them regardless of which is perceived to be better.
  4. Simply ignore it and resist that compelling urge to click the thread title. The best I can offer.
  5. "Orca Bay logo". Lame. Any other confusion I can clear up for you? You appear to use the confused emoticon on all of my posts. I'm happy to help you with your struggles.
  6. Yes to each their own. But I also said I didn't like the original gradient despite the logo. So obviously you are incorrect. Quit pushing lame reasons to dislike something and try accepting different people have different taste in such things.
  7. I'm just up at odd hours.  I enjoy tinkering on my scooter.  Might take it to the Salt Flats one day, and go for the record.  :lol:

    1. Baggins
    2. Ghostsof1915


      Alflives starring in.....


      The World's Fastest Scooter.....



  8. Bi from charlie sheen not the gay kind

  9. Methinks he's one of those that uses the internet so he can talk tough for the first time in his life. lol

  10. Ohhhhhh kids these days. ;)

  11. I rarely ever post proposals. More often than not when I even show up in that forum it just to have a good laugh at the unrealistic proposals people make.

  12. I'd like to see you post a few proposals while you are in the forum because I think we share the same vision of the team's needs. Well, mostly.

  13. Thanks! Always appreciate feedback from the children on this board.