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Proposals at deadline Van-Buf and Buf-Was


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To Vancouver: Tyler Myers (6ft8) and Drew Stafford(50 point player)

To Buffalo: Roberto Luongo, Jannik Hansen, a 2nd 2013 and Alberts)

Luongo and Hansen=Myers

2nd and Alberts=Stafford

I love Hansen but I would give him up easily for Myers.


To Buffalo: John Carlson and Brooks Laich

To Washington: Ryan Miller

Trade Ballard for a pick and/or B level prospect.

Our Lineup









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Only people with zero hockey IQ look for ways to trade Hansen, especially as a throw in. Adding Hansen to that package doesn't make it more attractive for Buffalo to entice them to give up Myers so why do it?

If you are going to get Myers out of Buffalo, the Sabres need a decent defender coming back that can chew up lost minutes... not Alberts. It would probably take trading Edler in order for the Sabres to think about this and if you say lets trade Edler and Hansen you deserve a slap upside the head.

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